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We're cutting you. That's a wake up call guns because the top what was a top five pick in the NFL? Yeah, I think it went number four. Yeah, Jacksonville, and it's not like he's washed up when we're talking about. It's not like you're trying to Trade. You know, a 50 12 year running back, you know, at the end of his career, What about a guy who should be hitting his pride? I thought of the great wake up call and let's face it. In Tampa Bay does pick you up. And you get Tom Brady said. Okay, come over here, and this is what we could do with you. Bruce Arians. Already left, which in all that firepower around them. The great wake up call for you. Hey, someone actually wants me. And I better get my professional game together because black could be part of something special. And I think that he has done all of those things and done them quite well, Before I let you go. We talked about the pass rush on Patrick Mahomes. How about the pass rush On the flip side on Tom Brady? Steve Spagnola was famously designed a defense in a Super Bowl against Tom Brady back in 07 for the Giants. Are there things back know Lucan take from that game plan? And use this year. Totally different. You're totally different defense. Well, I think it is not totally different, but he doesn't have the same number of pass rushes across the front that he had with his giant. Remember that crew d a sure when they see my goodness when they got on leash, and he knows this guy after guy after guy, right? Now, like the old Rick Pitino line. They're not walking through the door before Super Bowl Sunday, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have pass rushers. But Frank Clark is really the key guy. Upfront for Kansas City, and this bag have to design a few other things about who he brings in in addition to her to Frank Clark, and a lot of that won't be from the second level will be from the third level would be the honey Badger Tyrann, Matthew You know those kind of guys the corner blitzes things of that nature, so he's still gonna try apply the pressure. It won't be like we saw with that giant group where he didn't have to do that sort of the thing. They just had to get those guys on the field and say sickle, and they did pretty good, eh? Pretty well. That's a great point. Charles Davis, NFL analyst. Part of the Super Bowl today. Coverage February 7th Super Bowl Sunday before the game Super Bowl 55. CBS is all over a catch him and the gang breaking down all afternoon long up until kickoff. Charles. It's always great to catch up, man. I can't believe we're already It's Super Bowl 55. But let's do it. I can't wait for this match up. Yeah, me either D and it's always great to chat with you. And I'm like you What an incredible season despite everything that's going on in our world a lot of credit to the NFL players, coaches. People in all people helped make this happen. They agree with that incredible accomplishment by the league in every one of these teams. Thanks so much. Charles will talk to you soon. All right, talk to you soon. Excellent stuff. Charles Davis joining us from the NFL on CBS, and on Sunday, February, 7th joined CBS for the biggest event in 2021, the chief take on the box, of course in the Super Bowl coverage begins to two Eastern 11 Pacific with Super Bowl today, leading up to kick off at six Eastern three Pacific February, 7th. Super Bowl is on CBS hit us up on Twitter, DEA on CBS Again D A on CBS for more trash. Tuesday's Jake Tweets. I'm going to trash my girlfriend for asking me what I want for dinner tonight. It's a Tuesday, isn't it? Hashtag? If you ain't making tacos, hash egg I don't love you. Normal trash Erkki hefty hefty. God, I love Super Day's final call. Uh, It needs to be a sensitive heart coast. I don't love you no more. It has to be his signature. Adriana Tweets. I have to admit I have not been a Brady fan ever. But he was slinging it on Sunday and take a second team to the Super Bowl. I'm impressed. Also, this dog birthday party is ludicrous. Hmm. No, uh Andrew Bogus joins us for headlines Bogue's What do you think about Eli? The Palm Skis? Third birthday being held it canine clubhouse with all of his friend's parents not invited. Can I just copy and paste Adriana's tweeted my life to do that if I just retweet that bad? Well, that means that you're also impressed by Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Yeah, No, that's fine. Too high. I'll take that I'll take both heats in this, but I mean, yeah, I just like kids. Birthday parties at 123 years old are basically a waste of money because the kids don't remember their life is no different whether they have a party or not. The party's air for me for your parents for the family, so like that's multiplied by like 100 when it's a dog. Like I just I don't have never had a dog so that I know I'm guilty of missing the entire thing here, But I mean, We're going to sing happy, but they're going to sing anything their dogs to rely and ice cream. I mean, I don't know, says the whole other world for me. How do you feel about.

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