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Going to the nba and even though you don't want to end on this note it's your own fault down deep i do believe that so to me i don't think he should coach again in college athletics you make one mistake i get it but when you make multiple multiple mistakes in especially concise time period i don't think you should get that opportunity again so even though rick pitino has one one one one one and now the nc able will tell ya he's so those wins in an actually happen i think it's time for rick bettino just to go away but clearly that is not on his agenda he does not want to go away he wants to be as involved as ever 'cause he wants another opportunity and can you imagine in three weeks four weeks we get that press release we see that breaking news on twitter bob bomb breaking news rick pitino is the new head coach at georgia that all be a huge talking point for the shelby right now from jay williams he's been here rick potatoes name el lot a lot not just one person a lot from trusted sources regarding the georgia job it's going to be fascinating to see this thing unfolds because if he gets that job you're going to have all hell break loose you really are you're going to have fifty percent of the people getting up on their soapboxes and saying great move george is going to be relevant again in college basketball and you have 50 percent people also saying how did he will allow this guy with his pass to coach again in ncw hoops let me transition to what work day and that's tiger i am a huge tiger fan these last three days these last seventy two hours have been so fun to watch i am polling for tiger woods two day to win and he tees off at one fifty i think there is a separation no woolmer using the.

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