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Jason mitchell. Everyone tyrel this is new film in theaters now. It's bowls eye. I'm Jesse thorn. We're kind of fascinated with the golden age of Hollywood, Orson, Welles and Cary Grant and gone with the wind and all that stuff look up the topic. You will find hundreds of books in movies and TV shows bus tours, basically everything that could possibly be imagined. And a lot of times those depictions aren't really subtle. They're usually swept up in glitz and glamour, or they are the opposite of that dark and morose and gritty, but behind the history and the lore of that era. There are real complex stories about actual human beings. People who are household names today. People we've long since forgotten Karina Longworth is a writer and an expert researcher on that era. She's written five books on the topic. And she also hosts the beloved podcast, you must remember this in all the for work. She's nuanced subtle and she. Digs up all the most important information. Her newest book is called seduction sex lies and stardom in Howard Hughes. Hollywood Hughes is of course, one of the most famous twentieth century Americans. Just that's at one of the most famous twentieth century Americans. He's been written about and depicted in films thousand different ways. Maybe you saw the aviator some years ago. Anyway, Longworth spoke talks about Hughes in Hollywood way back when financing movies writing and directing movies at one point running studio but more than Hughes. The book is about a group of women who passed through his life their stories and how they were affected by the weird abusive system that he created to recruit develop and control actresses Karina Longworth. Welcome back the bills. I it's nice to see. Thanks. Thanks for having me. How did you end up thinking about? Howard Hughes and the women with whom Howard Hughes work and with whom Howard Hughes had various types of intimate relationships. Well, the very very first seat of me wanting to do this was that I stumbled across some message board where somebody made a post that was just women Howard Hughes had slept with and it was just a list and most of them were actresses. And there was no other information about any of them. And I read that listen, I just thought wow every single name. There has a whole story just a whole life. And all this guy cares about is that they had sex with Howard Hughes, and that just made me think of ways in what she could use a fact that some people find titillating or interesting because of the fact that it's titillating and have that be sort of a Trojan horse as a way to tell them other things and things that I find more interesting. So then I started doing a couple podcast episodes called the many loves of Howard Hughes about some of the women who ended up in the book such. As Jane Russell, Jean Harlow. And then it just became kind of a no brainer that you could take some of these stories I'd already done and add a lot more research and a lot more stories, and it becomes a book. Let's set a little context for people who have only a tenuous understanding of who Howard Hughes was or who some of the lesser known figures in this story are why was a Howard Hughes rich when he moved to Hollywood. And why did he move to Hollywood his father had invented a groundbreaking literally drill bit?.

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