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The all time greats you know never lost a heavy weight moved down to light heavy weight because his best friend Cain Velasquez with the heavy weight and he didn't want to mess with his division moved the light heavyweight cleaned out that division his only loss is the John Jones whom I believe and many other believe is the greatest ever do it has to be Dan it to that point he said to me though you know number one when I said is it possible this is the last time your fans see you in the cage she said yes that is possible would you think about that I you know so he and I two things he wanted he wanted V. Brock Lesnar fight he wanted the fight Jon Jones again he hit his people this guy's got plenty of money and now he's so good commentating make plenty of money there is doing all this other stuff where he can take care of his family and he doesn't need to work anymore but I said listen to me you got Brock you got Jon Jones and probably steep pay you got three more in you you're you're still good you still there's still that so he agreed with me the Brock Lesnar did fight didn't happen rock retired Steve he never felt that he that he had to give the pair rematches like pretty clear who won that fight who is the winner of the of the first fight look here he is giving us the better we match that he wanted and you know I I I I I people ask me does the John Jones fight have to happen again no put everybody wants to see it again I mean you could do that by two more times of people would want to see it good to absolute best not just in the division but of all time going out is never boring but I do believe that unfortunately if something doesn't line up after this fight with John Jones this could be the last fight for Daniel Cormier if in fact it does line up in this night goes the way it should for DC or the way he wanted to if it's up to you do you see that fight a Jones Cormier fight is that it to all five resented heavy weight I would love to see the fight to have you wait but those two are both so stubborn and you know Jones says not on that he beats me at two OO five if he's gonna be you you come down here and then call me a doesn't want to be a bit heavy weight because it would take away from him not beating a tool five so listen these two both Jones's aren't as dues Cormier has I'm not arguing with these guys if they want to play they want to fight it to a five and then that's what I would do it at first things but I would love to see it everywhere right okay fair enough first things first how do you see this fight going the rematch Saturday night we expect I think that I think that steep pay didn't respect core me age power enough and didn't think that he thought he was going to try to get in there Russell woman didn't think that he could knock him out you know if you look at the baby to he's been in there with all the biggest baddest heavy which France is the god you and and all these guys he didn't think call me a could not come out now he knows so I think he's going to come in with a completely different game plan and it's going to be a tougher fight that's why I respect for me so much for taking this fight first of all he's already been talking about retiring there were two fights that he wants the pay wasn't one of them how does he beats the pay more impressively then he did the first time right so so what's the upside for Daniel Cormier day in this rematch was the back that's why I respect this guy so much you don't ever hear me complaining no cry and I didn't want to split he just goes out and does what he does it's just I I'm I dread I day he leaves I dread it I dread the day did Daniel Cormier leave he's been so he's still going to be my commentator and doing things with us but as a as a as a fight fan and as a fan of corny I dread the day Dan like nothing is easy but it's easy with this guy right I'm this is literally one the best I've ever the best so incredible to deal with such a good human being and an amazing champion well then hopefully this is not his last night UFC two forty one call me a B. H. H. two S. amazing fight card Saturday Night Live from Anaheim the early prelims start at six thirty PM on fight pass followed by the prelims on ESPN the main Kerr and ESPN plus it's a big one data great to see her in so cal great you have in this house you nailed it good job there thanks from the body good senior daylight doing what he does all right when we come back our number three wide open self interest toll free one eight hundred six three six eight six.

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