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We ended up going route and I have the business for about four years ended upsetting out and then got back into the worst 'cause I had my baby. Coming up has a two year old so and that's where I get my energy and and still today's you just gotTa keep fishing in whatever industry it is which is harder trained horses or catching fish <hes> I I can say it's a very <hes>. It's very very long hours on both jobs but one was a night job one was during during during all day job but most of them. I didn't enjoy <hes> I'm not one too shy away from any type of neighbor work and and that's that's where I come into play in in this industry like my brother is the one who actually means financially backed me up with this dream of mine of becoming an assessment trainer and bought a couple of baby got a doc lanes <hes> and if it wasn't for my brother as an owner I wouldn't be where I'm at today either so yeah so what's what is a bigger challenge though catching the fish or learning how to train these horses and getting them the wind. I think this is more of a challenge because each course's individuals fish and whatever they actually just migrate to certain spots certain times a year and you already hybrid charted out and it's just as Labor but I think <hes> training horses I I must say what kind of fish would you catch. What's that what kind of fish would you catch? <hes> out was actually a commercial live shrimp Russia livestream light for the bait stores that had the live shrimp yeah and for the New York seafood market that they would actually ship them from Miami in the airport seems to live people working here New York art while you know we didn't interview on the same show with David Fox years ago and David is a big fisherman. He likes to go out on his boat down there in south Florida and David the interview from his boat <hes> which I thought was it was the only time we've ever done an interview with anybody that was out on a boat and that was Kinda cool but as you're doing that you're building that business. We're you still able to follow the horse racing side of things or say even <hes> the the biggest <hes> follow of mine was <hes> California Chrome <hes> we actually I liked the worst ever since he won the Santa Anita Derby and <hes> I told my brother Hey we're going derby and <hes> we went to the Derby that year ear and when he won it was like crazy because <hes> how are you going to house anyway. I think every dream you have a so what mayor and with a not so great that you don't know what's going to happen. You get a superstar horse. That's thanks horsemeat streaming and that's what I always dreamed up and figured for even my Philly like she's Breeders Cup nominated Lord Italians nominated nominated this that the other and <hes> you.

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