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Swanson she was the original buffy the vampire slayer and i betcha tucker carlson just wanted to meet christie swanson a betcha that's a whole purpose at interview whenever you see something the some quite make sense in terms of interviews that's what it is the host wants to meet that person coming up i've got an amazing story few about a sure thing a new year's eve in rome italy a sure thing on new year's eve and rome the lien how i handled sure thing a new year's eve in rome italy is amazing plus we have a behind the bars interview with abby lee miller that's the ultimate onehit wonder you don't hear that on the radio anymore you don't here these poor guys foster the people congratulations they've created the theme for mass murders nobody'll touch no plays that song anymore it was a number one song you do not hear that you when you heard it just now when whoa whoa i haven't heard that in a long time plus i have for you an astonishing salute to hugh hefner's strolling on sunday this is westwood one luke luke luke walter m stirred be moines's vowed to eleven eight two hours of charlie born of beija one hundred twenty minutes of conversation he will need to hear seven thousand two hundred seconds of what's important to you i that your arteries that ride odd it may seem a short time but charlie squeezes so much into it and you get so much out of it to you the number one guy and fail of charlie because you talk about invading.

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