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Exactly now, you're getting it. What American Girl would not enjoy marrying her brother? Okay. Very good. Even the Washington Post's. Liberal fact checker is tearing Hillary apart for claiming in a speech in Selma from this past weekend that voter suppression in Georgia, Alabama, and Wisconsin is why she lost Donald Trump. She claimed that in Wisconsin, quote between forty thousand and eighty thousand people were turned away from the polls, but because of the color of their skin because of their age because of whatever excuse could be made up to stop a fellow citizen from voting. Because that's what happened. Yeah. They had a dude walking the lines the the voter. The polling lines and say excuse me, ma'am, you got to get your black ass line and head on home. Well, why don't worry about it? Don't worry. There's another eighty thousand just like excuse me, sir. Get your black ass outta line and head on home. You won't need to be voting today. Well, why not not for you to ask? It's two thousand sixteen in America. And this stuff just happens openly, and nobody ever notices it just happens. Excuse me. Ma'am old black lady out of the line, go home. But I'm I'm here to vote for Hillary not anymore. You're not because you're black and what we do in America. In two thousand sixteen is we just grab black people and say head on home. You're not going to be allowed to vote today. It happens. It's widespread. It's rampant. Surely, you believe that right? Salvador Rizzo of the Washington Post of all places writes, quote, did this Wisconsin law prevent forty to eighty thousand voters in the same state from casting ballots in two thousand sixteen we asked Clinton Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill to weigh in. The forty thousand number comes from the more conservative estimate. The eighty thousand number is also a conservative estimate. Well, within the range of the two studies. Rick hasten and elections expert at the university of California Irvine counters saying her claim that since she was the first person who ran for president without the protection of the Voting Rights Act, it cost her forty thousand eighty thousand votes is quote ludicrous. They brought Lou in. This is ludicrous. It is. Ludicrous because Wisconsin was not a state even covered by the part of the Voting Rights Act, which the supreme court killed in the Shelby county case. So even if it had been in effect, it wouldn't have stopped implementation of Wisconsin's voter ID law as it had stopped Texas's voter ID law. He adds that the numbers of people who were turned away from the polls.

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