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But there's also something about having a dedicated focus that helps to concentrate the activity and improve the performance. What do you think the morale of people as the? Right now. So. People ask me that a lot. They do. I thought it was very good for a good question. I think the right answer to that is to say, I think them around the agency is the same as the morale in the United States that sucks. Yeah. Well in some respects it does right. Because you know, there's a lot of people in the United States who are quite quite unhappy with the way things are they the agencies about everybody's Jordi. Yeah. The agencies big place, and it's got people from all walks of life from all around the country who all have different perspective that sort of on the political dimension. I do think one important aspect of morale at the agency is that there is a enormously powerful mission orientational to what people do there. So what they think about Donald Trump. You know, what they think about, you know, Hillary Clinton or whoever the democratic candidates may be twenty twenty or the other Republican candidates for that matter in twenty twenty is not that important. Their morale doesn't depend on. That. Morale depends on whether they will pursue their mission. I do think that the way that this ministration uses does not use intelligence has some impact on how people in the agency feel about their day-to-day work. But it's not it isn't political. It's that you know, they're busting in their ass their taste taking risk. They're living in austere in difficult places overseas away from family away from friends, whatever it may be and the product that they're generating is not being used in the ways opposed to be used. I think that has an impact, you know. It's very similar to the way. I would answer I was asked about the Justice department. I think overall morale is high because the work that people do is based on the mission that they have and whether pursuing gang violence or homicide cases, Republic rupture or anything else. They don't love it. I'm sure when the president. Of the United States CASAs Persians on their attorney general and seems to think that there's no such thing as truth that has lawyer saying truth is in truth. And there's such a thing as alternate facts at all that not great. But probably the morale they feel as citizens is in worship in the morale. They feel in those jobs unless you're in a certain line of work. So I imagine there's some people who are working in particular issues. Maybe the folks who are focusing on North Korea may have their morale impacted more seriously than your average rank and file engine or analyst were employees. Yeah. I think that's right. I think the the the closer you are to the crazy the more your morale suffer. What do you make of John Brennan Twitter feed? Not crazy. First of all, I think John having spent a lifetime in until community a lifetime looking at threats to the United States looking at how autocrats operate and the damage they can do to their country, and a lifetime understanding that his responsibility is to warn about threats is acting in the way that a lifelong intelligence officer who has a platform now as a private citizen should act. I don't have a problem with John saying publicly whether by Twitter or or otherwise that he sees what this administration is doing with Donald Trump in particular doing as a threat to the United States. I think we're all the beneficiaries of people like John of people like, Mike Hayden, John McLaughlin, and others people who. Have spent their life defending this country. Stan mcchrystal in Bill mcraven in a real true American hero so-called generals. Right. People who've done extrordinary things and have spent their life thinking about these issues saying there's something seriously different and worrying going on. I think they're doing a service. See something hopeful about the future. I think that this country and the people who work for our government are fundamentally good they will ensure as we go forward that what this country stands for prevails and that the harm done in these four years gets repaired David Cohen. Thanks for joining us. Thank you..

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