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Contains strong language. Ridiculous cartoon scenarios conduct up by to claim comedy wizards. Between you and me them or like saturday morning court jesters fueled by sugary cereal. But either way. The opinions expressed in presented are mir musings. So please humor there well intentioned hijinks with a laugh and not taking anything they say seriously as goes you want to pay them to say something else could always use new shoes us. Hello everybody. I'm brent. i'm matt welcome to review party dot com the only podcast that reviews reviews and is funnier than most other podcasts. While they're doing it that's funny. That's believe this assault confidence today. Honor dot com episode thirty one. We're all months you could. We got a whole months where the content and it's a happy month to it is a half. Oh it is a very happy months. Yeah we are at the point of according on day. Two of twenty twenty one all quiet on the western front. I think he's what's going on today. Yeah it's a nice quiet day got up. I made some made some stir. Fry eight the stir. Fry worked on the podcasts. Do this nice day in the end. Jas we're here to interrupt that quietude with some fun attitude some some attitude. Some common tooted anyway the previous two weeks. We talked about the big for her pens. People if if this is your first episode listening. It's worth the time just to go back. At least an episode or two to catch that fun monumental monumental will look back on that review party. Moment as a as a touchdown moment for shutter that big step i think but it was as i said in those episodes. There's so many funny bic for her pen reviews that we couldn't entire episodes on them. We're not gonna do that right now. Rest assured but there was one that i felt like starting this episode off with is gonna get us off. Just great foot cell late on me. Amazon review from amazon user. Carry lou for the bic for her retractable ballpen carry titles to review better than calgon. These pens made me feel so feminine and desirable. I can barely keep the men away. When i'm holding one of these in my dainty hand my husband has started to take fencing lessons just to keep them away five stars. I mean fencing tool right fencing. Pretty cool if you need to like protect the honor of your wife. The sanctity of your marriage now would it be kosher if he grabbed her pen and use it to fence off a a new suitor earned that the he can't use it because he can't wheeled the pen whether be than sort or not. Is the girl pen right. It's a it's a dainty allocates feminine. Make sure this way if ldc's our good friend ceus came.

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