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Sports Illustrated these days is well here on CBS portrayed. All right. I know your attention was focused in Mobile, Alabama today at the senior ball. Um, some interesting guys names, guys who are gonna be taken certainly in the first round of the draft, but also a whole bunch of good guys. Did you really are the classman or decided to pass on it? One guy who went down to mobile and worked out all week and from what I understand look pretty good doing so but decided not to play in the game. With Dracula's the quarterback from Alabama who, you know, I've been a fan of all year and it really warmed up to and I haven't pretty highly rated going into the NFL draft. Give us what you heard about Mac in practice this week and Why did he pass on playing in the game today? Yeah. You know, I think he had a little bit of a wrist injury or something. Just wanted to rest up, but he did what he had to do, right? He went down there. He created a buzz. Conformed well, we spoke to June Jones, the former NFL coach, he said. He's the number one quarterback in this year's draft, Trevor Laurence included, so there's a lot of love. Mack Jones. There's uh Looking like more of a consensus feeling that he is going to be a first round pick, and I think you know this quarterback class pretty interested in the way it's shaping up, but we talked about a pocket passer. Again, somebody who will get the ball downfield. You know, June Jones kind of referencing his deep ball accuracy, And I do think Matt Jones probably throws the best keep bottle in this year's draft. And so you know, the problem is when it goes to the NFL, he's probably gonna be playing with the worst. Wide receiver class. That wide receiver group that he's had in quite some time. So you know how does that translate? But, you know, I think that Jones is the guy that you get him in the right situation. Maybe it's Pittsburgh. It one or two years behind a big Ben. And I think that really puts him in a situation to succeed. And so I do have some love for Mack Jones. I'm not an eye on him as you are, but I do think he can be a successful quarterback at the next level. Yeah, I would run commits the starting quarterback behind Lawrence and fields ahead of guys like Wilson and trey lamps, But that's just me, and we've got a lot to do. Coming up. A Zafar is evaluating before we get to the draft. All right, Who else before we get to today's game? Who else from either your own individual evaluation of the people that you talk to in the know? Was there anyone who absolutely shone through in the practices and did things that people had never seen before? Had not Been able to garner off in game tapes and was there a group of guys who may be would have been better staying home this week, then heading down the mobile, and it didn't quite work out the way that they were hoping it would. You know, I think right there at quarterback after Mack Jones, you're looking at a guy like he and books. There's there's a lot of love down there. For him. More than people realize and in book may have kind of catapulted human into himself into that day to range. At the quarterback position, but From the skill position. How about Michael Carter, the North Carolina dynamo? I mean, this guy's just a Flasher a casher. He showed his explosion his first He's gonna probably be a top 100 election when it's all said and done. Wide receiver Dez Fitzpatrick, the Louisville wide receiver. I think he really helped boost his draft stock now, probably around two selections. So that's what the Senior Bowl platform is for a guy that Maybe with the day three guy coming in. Well, now he's looking like a day to selection. So he made himself some money. Cadaret Tony from former, probably the best player down there, Jody. I think he's probably a first round pick as well at the library fever. Position tight and Hunter Long comes in 85 Inch Wingspan and Boston College tight and I think now, after Kyle Pitts, who I think is a top 10 selection, I think Hunter Long is now the second tight end off the board, so he helped himself out. Couple small school guys on the offensive line. Dylan Ray done from North Dakota State, really a solid week going down there from the FCS level. And proving his words. And how about Quinn. Miners from Wisconsin Whitewater, the belly, the famous belly Division three Jody Division three. Understand out he comes and really has himself a day. I mean a week and and also the groom. One state kid, David Moore, who weighs in at 6 ft one You know, he comes in at 6 ft. One on measurement day and saying, Oh, boy, 6 ft. One offensive lineman from Grambling State. He's in trouble, and all he did was dominated. Throughout the week. So David Moore making himself there on the offensive side of the ball, Let me ask about two running backs. One of we command. You wanna winch I want to ask you about, um, you know, I'm a Michael Carter fed on and have been all year long, and I think he's gonna be the third quarterback started running back off the boy after Harris and at the end I know you're slightly bigger. Devante Williams, his teammate at North Carolina fan by you and I both like him. Uh, both both like both players. I just rate one little bit higher. You rate the other one. Michael Carter potentially moved by Williams with the game that he had today. Possibly depends on what you need. If you're looking for two or three down back,.

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