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Options open and keeping the story alive consuming the warriors in their season with talk of what K D will do next. And then I also wanted to highlight one sentence for my warriors piece on all this where I said, according to one report green repeatedly called Kevin Durant. A bitch in a display that prompted one warrior to say with what was said there is already no way to rant is coming back. And I only read that because what I was actually writing it. I had to do a double take and laugh at how amazing all this is just because like if I read that sentence to my wife to explain the biggest story of my work life this week shoot. Just be so disgusted at the things. We care about. But. But I do find all of this pretty fascinating. So what's your take on what went down in the locker room? Yeah. Wait till you tell us how much time we spend talking about Legos. She's gonna be. I mean, there's a lot of things that could be disgusted about did. She came back and be what I was shopping for Legos last Christmas. She was like what is going on. This is not a side of you ever seen before. So. Yes. So good. Do you have those red lines that people can't cross like for me if somebody questions by work ethic? I'm ready to take it from zero to one hundred right? That's the thing for me your Jimmy Butler of the podcast game. Well, I was going to say this is why I relate directly to Kevin Durant. Because look you curse a lot. I it doesn't bother me. But I try to protect the listeners. But if you're cursing me out, and I think you've curse me out on this podcast many times. I've never been mad at that right internally. I'm screaming curse words back at you. But I'm trying to protect the middle scores that listen. So I don't go back at you. But I never would be upset. But there are things you could say that I would go into a funk for seventy two hours about and I would definitely we would need to like air it out with the help of Steve Kerr. Bob Myers, right? That's where katie's at if you're going to question his commitment to the team after he's just one two finals MVP after he just sat up on the championship ban parade and took the stupid jokes the management from the the the commentator kind of making fun of him. We what contract can you get all of that? After he put up with all the character assassination. The last two years calling a mistake. And all this stuff. You're going to question him for his commitment to the team and basically his commitment to his craft that is a trigger point. No question about it. And I don't blame him for flipping out about that to me. That is too far. We know Katie loves to swear like a sailor, we've heard various places he loves to talk trash. She loves to go back and forth with people none of that stuff would really bother. But I do think Jay went to a place that he shouldn't have gone to at that time and in that manner now, but again on principle, I do kind of see where James coming for because this is ship. That's been running pretty smoothly for. For a long time since before. Kevin durant? Got there. If there's shopping this right now it's coming from Kevin coming from staff and is not coming. From clay Draymond pretty much issue is everybody knows how to deal with him and Golden State it's coming from the questions around Kevin Durant. And by the way during that game on Monday against the clippers. Bob Myers was attached at the hip to rich climate if rich walked down, the you know, the the baseline Bob Myers is walking with them. If walks over it says hi to this guy. Bob Myers is going with them. Right. They're clearly playing defense. Kevin Durant and free. I was gonna say it's not a coincidence. Or will maybe it is a coincidence. But it's certainly interesting that all of this happened at clippers game. And like, it's the clippers in the Knicks at I guess, you could throw in the Lakers to we'll get to that later the podcast. But I mean, the clippers are threat. So I don't blame. Bob Myers for following climate wherever they went no question, but hold on..

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