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I couldn't say his name. As you know, I'm all in on this Panthers team. I stayed for the interview after the game. And the announcer said something like, Sam, well, what is it about this Panthers team? What makes what makes you guys, why are you guys coming on? It's like running the ball. Run the ball. That's our recipe. Just run the ball. It's like, that's right, Sam. And don't you fucking forget it. And the fucking ball off, Sam. One of the best handlers offers out there. You find me better. Decent team, they're playing hard for that coach too. That Matt rose gotta be going nuts. Yeah, yeah. He's got a lot of money, but he's like, oh, if I just bench baker, and then on top of it, baker leads this comeback of the race. He's a big Hollywood star. To watch it was I got one game. I think this cowboys Jags is a good game. Cowboys at Jacksonville, the crowd will be good. I like watching both teams, both teams could go either way. It could be terrible or great. Good or decent, bad or worse. I think your favorite, and I think it's gonna be cowboys by three. Oh, wow. Talk about no respect. I said 5 and a half, it's 6. Oh, that's stupid. Come on, come on. Wait a second, three. We got 5 game lead on this Jaguar. Get the fuck out of here. What's the matter with you? And I came today was an embarrassment. The Texans. I didn't even know I didn't even know who the receivers were. Took care of business. We got a little confused, but Davis mills Jeff Driscoll. It really did seem like lovey Smith played for 59 minutes. I was like, oh, crap. We got to play for April. What am I doing here? I need to, you know, this has been fun, but I have to think about April. Otherwise, the guy who replaces me next season is going to be stuck with Jeff triskell and Davis mills. I really gave it up. I think they have like a shock shock thing on his leg or something that they shock him to remind him that he's supposed to be losing the game. Right. But yeah, they threw away the last four minutes. That's one of the best. When you rather, you know, it's great to have an owner's box mic'd up, but just for the very reason you said. Wouldn't you want to hear what the Texans are saying? Because they don't really show, or they should show the booth. Well, can they talk to them in the headset? I'm sure they get their power as a phone in there. They're probably in the headset. The GS cutting in

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