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In breach the door and found the man and his son dead from an apparent gunshot wounds the woman and girl were taken to the hospital WBBM news time three oh eight now traffic and weather together on the A. sponsored by Howard Orloff Volvo here's lore of on the server keeping an eye on a couple of incidents inbound bishop Ford freeway around a hundred and sixty second crash just moved off the roadway and then on I eighty west bound in the Joliet area we have reports of a crash or details ahead Eden's okay a ninety minute trip in either direction between like cook at hand the Kennedy junction the this for a little busy through the roadworks noun Kennedy thirty five to the junction fifty eight to o'hare thirty nine and from here twenty five in from the junction your hair extension that's one ninety slow in both directions get to the airport and leaving the airport Eisenhower thirty three to Mannheim forty six to three ninety thirty nine and from three ninety and twenty two for man I'm up on Stevenson seven minutes a backup that ended about Cicero so thirty seven to three fifty five in bound all clear and a half an hour from three fifty five to lake shore drive I fifty five in will county slow in both directions get through the roadworks noun between river and arsenal we reduced to one lane in each direction about Dan Ryan twenty four inbound nineteen no backups on I fifty seven fifteen in either direction up on bishop for eighteen inbound twenty two there was a crash around a hundred and sixty second man there is delays in both directions approaching lakeshore Dr slow in both directions getting through a grant parking approaching the stoplight at Chicago Avenue south on tri state have you from the Jane Addams to the Bensenville bridge northbound Stevenson to Ogden then again from the Bensenville bridge to the Adams rest of your Illinois toll ways and route fifty three doing fine I eighty westbound is jammed from Bergstrom Rainer get traffic and weather together on the H. every ten. that's on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM. thank you either says mostly cloudy.

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