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Attending the way. They're color tanning some of it. Yeah yeah some. I've seen green and blue. It's the old audis out of us to take in between the waves. They'd run a blue thread which a lot of people realize they'd run a thread through it through their weaves and it wasn't like a carbon fiber special they had as their weaving the carbon. It just had a blue thread and it crisscross so when you clear you couldn't see. I think it stopped and seventeen or eighteen but you could take a flashlight and when you're looking at it. The blue is dancing ship. That's more you know. I wanna know summer in texas when you guys get known ryden sunsets. I mean from seven thirty to eight thirty. It's pretty awesome. At least over. What are you guys. Do you get on writing at all. I mean yeah i. I've been riding every day multiple times a day for me first thing in the morning Or at dusk Usually first thing orients better Just it's it's still a little cooler because it's been cooler at night. Yeah whereas even at night like the roads still really hot and radiates up pretty pretty bad. Yeah but i've even been going out in the middle of fucking day like right now. Just got awfully fucking hot. I just keep it short. I'll do you know twenty minutes. Yeah there's two quick Quick short ride do and and you know for me it. It's just because i didn't grow up riding motorcycles. And you know. I'm so far behind the power curve. I try to get as much experience doing it as i can. So that I can really evaluate the bikes. And and you know push them to their their potential at least to the best of my ability which again is not not a high level but I just try to try to get better. And i enjoy it so those two things combined has me as me ryden every day couple of times a day in most cases. Yeah we rode sunday. That won't for a nice long Indian sound you're right around town right Eighty miles we did that. I got sun. Yeah let's say melissa. As long as we were going it was fine. I mean even even in the middle of the day especially on the indian. Because it's a fucking dome dome helmet and shirt you know not not fully jacket and full face helmet like you are in the sport bikes So but god at the stoplights sweating bullets. There was a. I don't know what it was but we were going through a semi cold front and it just felt like every now and then someone turn on the air conditioning. And then i never been happier to go through rain. Fuck yes rain. Hit a rain spot for just a couple of minutes but yeah cooled off twenty degrees. Like that s fucking sprinkling. It was pretty nice sprinklers. And your kid that's great. There's nothing like it. nothing like it at all. What else you got. That is playboy. A classy magazine. Well doesn't exist any. Did you say class here. Classic classy this really. I remember back to go right back on us. We're at the radio station. They flipped so they weren't going to nudes anymore. But they were gonna do tasteful photos. And that's when they a bunch of old radio guys brought up a bunch of their old playboys set them out on the tables at the station. Like wants to flip through these. you know. get to get a piece of history. And i'd never actually seen a playboy in person and with on the internet right. It's this free pornography that playboys way class here than what you can say online. Well that's the thing i think. I think the internet at least a lot of people never had it and you know pearl clutching evangelical think playboys like hustler no get sockets illustrated and you talk about pearl clutching and talking about naked women. It makes me think of something later. But here's the kicker though. And here's where playboy or hugh hefner don't get any props okay. They were the king of what is now photo shopped instagram modeling. Okay because i don't know about you. But i've seen in met. I would say seven eight playboy models and nothing like they did in the magazine. You're looking at it. Like where's she go. Which false advertising question yes classy. i think. And that's the degradation of our society is is why playboy doesn't exist anymore is because it was classy and people don't want class anymore really no now. They won't trashing they to be able to see people's kids. That's that's where i found and most people will say. Oh you're playboy actually had good reporters and damn good articles real good stories and talk. You know cars and watch sports. I mean it was. It was good. I would say the dupont registry of but with women in hot bitches. And i'm not saying all playmates are ugly. Now i would say half of the ones. I've met were and then the other ones like damn so i i gotta. I snagged a couple from the station. I remember taking him taking him home. And sean christine and she said the same. I kind of thought these are going to be trashy i like. They're really not actually a cool pakistan articles. yeah exactly hustler. A hustler Yeah beach baseball. Bat giving birth to a time. Here's a time worked at barnes and noble way to do came in every week and bought a hustler and a high times magazine and i was like that guy his life. That's i had so much respect for that man. Yeah hundred percent. Classy yellow forgotten man. The cars and bitches say did you have a couple of back in the day. I mean a couple living that to anybody. Our any any american males in our age bracket there was a box in there. Fucking dad's closet or or somewhere in their house ahead fucking nudie megs censure almost everybody i mean every one of my friends are dad's had fucking playboys at that we would raid. Yeah i got at least four or five years of every one of them in a box somewhere in my house now keep them. Yes especially when i heard they were going out like i wouldn't even look at them. I take note it wasn't i'm put it up. Yeah i have them because one day we were something like a baseball card back in the day. Maybe we trade and trading playboys like nfc's coin. Yeah yeah i'll give you this february twenty seventeen for that centerfold of yet. And what's your tits. I will tell you this naked picture of this woman who has nothing to do with this transaction for this much money. Exactly playboys trip. That's about it today. you got it guys. Thanks for listening. Make sure you lack comments. Subscribe push notification bill. So you know we knew she. It's coming there is going to be more than just this. Podcast coming out to on patriot on beaches. Check us out. Patriot on I tunes amazon..

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