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Incident had the marijuana shop drove to the Big Five store. At the Pony Village Mall, and while he was there, he purchased additional ammunition, Fraser says. If you see the man don't confront him, call police a federal judge's agreeing with the state of Florida, then a lawsuit over the CDC rules restricting the cruise industry. The judge's ruling changes the CDC requirements to recommendations for cruise goers who embarked from a Florida port. President Biden Call's Juneteenth a day of profound weight and power, Biden says Slavery took a terrible toll and was America's original sin. Great nations don't ignore the most painful moments. They don't ignore those moments in the past. They embraced them bite and signed legislation this week designating Juneteenth June 19th as a federal holiday. I'm Bill Trapero. A man is in critical condition after a vicious gain Be done in Yonkers, New York, James Flippant has the story. Yonkers PD releasing video of the incident in which a group can be seen swarming and kicking a man who'd been stomped to the ground Police Commissioner John Mueller, calling it a despicable and outrageous assault. A male victim was In the head with a bottle and stopped on by a group of people that included known gang members. The victim is currently in the trauma ward in critical condition with a brain injury. He adds that upwards of 50 people saw what happened, asking them to come forward and do the right thing. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is scoring another milestone this time off the field. Brian shook his more. The Portuguese forward became the first person ever to reach 300 million Instagram followers. Dwayne the Rock Johnson is the next closest that 246 million. Ronaldo was also the first person to reach the 200 million mark. It comes the same week Ronaldo became the all time leading scorer at European Championships rated by some agencies as the worst unemployment system and nation. Virginia's State Employment Commission is getting a lot of money to better serve residents, but Keeps getting complaints. Rebecca Hubbard has more the Virginia employment commissions. New ID requirements are causing problems for some Virginians, the easy communication manager Joyce Fog, tells CBS six news. The change started May 25 asks claimants to upload proof of their identity in an effort to prevent fraud, she admits they're rolling out the requirement and not everyone is getting notified immediately. People have 14 days to complete the needed information once they're notified, but some recipients say the benefits are being cut off before they have a chance to comply with the new procedures. The next time you see an ambulance in Florida it may not be carrying a person Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill into law allowing paramedics to treat and use ambulances to transport injured police canines to vets. He says. These dogs use their unique abilities to save lives and often put their own lives on the line. I'm Bill Trapero. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom shifting sands in the New York City mayors race, with candidates teaming up ahead of Tuesday's Democratic primary more from Bloomberg, Stoney's Pellegrini, former Sanitation commissioner Catherine Garcia and one time presidential hopeful Andrew Yang are making joint campaign stops. That's after a New York Post. Polls showed civil rights lawyer Maya Wiley Leapfrogging ahead of Garcia into second place behind Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. And we're now in watch for any possible movement from city Comptroller Scott Stringer, he said. Fourth place just ahead of Yang in the polls, and Stringer telling us he has no plans to make an endorsement by that could change in the coming days who I would like to see his second choice candidate. This is the first race in the city with ranked choice voting where you can vote for your top five candidates. Stringer fell behind after allegations of sexual harassment from decades ago. Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg radio. Former U. S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said the Federal Reserve signaled this week that it's keeping a close eye on the threat of inflation. When it posed the possibility of two interest rate hikes by late 2023. An optimistic view would be that because they signaled that they were on the case. That was reassuring to everybody that the accident that people feared was less likely to happen. The Fed also put a reduction in bond purchases on the table. Summers was interviewed on Bloomberg Television's Wall Street Week with David Weston. Boeing's biggest 7 37 Max model lifted off for the first time yesterday. It marks another milestone in the jet families come back from tragedy and a lengthy grounding. The jet rumbled down a runway adjacent to the rent and Washington factory where it was built and took flight at about 10 or seven A.m. local time. Max landed about 2.5 hours later at Boeing Field south of Seattle. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer, this is.

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