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Side and you see that happen once or twice i mean it's it's got to be as soon as you feel somebody checking it has got to make you had said the throat yeah for sure for sure and you know he checked um that low cupcake is is affective but you can't load up on it if you throw it hard you're gonna get check you have the just lick it out there and you know you it doesn't have to be hard because there's no real you know there's don't need older your your your lower part of your leg so you don't have to throw it hard but if you try to load up on it like a hard like normal kick to the fi you're and you checked all day so you just gotta be cautious with his yeah he definitely and then you in uh just engage even going back and forth little bit on twitter uh we did what it would send about he said that you were good and you're like no ship basically he was not only he was talking shit basically after after he fought michael job that i was kate sydes and that's we need you know all with justin gets you that and then uh he didn't say a word you know did reply for months or whatever and then before before after after i won this fight with joe duffy before i uh before i spoke to joe rogin justin gates you tweeted nodded and see the still after obviously the just to get you tweet oh what's what's this guy james bitch about to get all the mike and act like everyone's afraid of them now so the end and i uh i did that i got on my novemebr is this you know basically are free to fight me and then i'm uh uh and i tweeted back adjusted get you talking crap or whatever saying you know basically tell him he is scared to fight me and then um the other day after poor here one gauge he tweets james vic in dust a poor you're should fight each other to see who's the mystery most mistreated fight of europe to your some shit talking shit lie.

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