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Hype Taryn so good, have you? I'm so excited to be here today. It's so fun because I just I feel like I've. You've been a part of I in my program community for a couple of years now and then. I always people always talk about you and hear about you and it's like they fired to be like you and have the brand that you have and I know that so many people just adore you, so I'm really excited to chat today and just get get real about things. you know we're both pregnant. We're both late in our pregnancy very pregnant very ready to not pregnant anymore. And you still work a fulltime job in corporate. You have a full-time blog. You have a full-time family. You're having your fourth child. When you're saying Amazon's crazy. And it's true it's like all of these things are full-time because you don't have asks it. If you, did you wouldn't be successful? So I think that's the first question I would love to. Kind of dive into you because that's the biggest thing that I hear from people and I'm sure you get it to like in your DM's is like. How do you do it all? How do you know? How do you do it I'll be? How do you know like how to me down and where to focus on when you've got so much to do so? I would love to kind of I. Start With just your journey. Of what everything kind of looks like and then how that led you to where you are today to to be able to balance it in whatever way that means yes? It wasn't a perfect journey, but nobody's is and a messy long way a lot of mistakes they learn along the way, but I will say that I started walking in two thousand sixteen when I started logging I, was actually the type of Walker that was fully fashion wearing heels, which was not really my daily life, so really felt like I was doing what I felt like other bloggers doing time. In at the time I, only had two children. Was Not Mono- tightening at all. So it was really just being to be honest I. my husband and I actually joke about this because.

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