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Brief. Joe Biden has been campaigning in battleground Georgia and criticizing the Trump administration's response to the pandemic. Just imagine where I'd be today. The president had embraced worry mask instead of mocking. Mr Trump was hitting on his latest accomplishment in Lansing, Michigan, made history and we confirmed Amy Cockney Barrett United in Philadelphia police officers. They're defending the shooting death of a black suspect had a knife. He was brandishing it, waving it erratically. This witness says they could have reacted differently always mean it. Wass. His legs are not shooting at all. The shooting touched off a night of violence that city officials hope isn't repeated tonight. Gulf Coast residents are bracing for yet another Hurricane Zeta is expected to make landfall tomorrow night. Become the fifth named Storm to hit Louisiana in this unusual year. CBS NEWS Very FINE. Peter King for 32 at WCBS were just in minutes ago that a judge has sentenced Nexium sex cult leader Keith Ranieri to 120 years in prison. This after the judge heard today from 15 women who have been enslaved as sex slaves in that cult Ah, in upstate New York, many of them explaining how they had been abused and had been branded with Ranieri's initials again. Keith Ranieri sentenced this afternoon to 120 years in prison. Facebook stopped accepting new political ads today as it tries to prevent any misinformation before Election Day. Previously purchased ads will continue to run until election night. But once all the polls close next Tuesday, Facebook will temporarily remove all political ads from its platform. That post election free should last about a week, maybe more. If some races go on undecided for awhile, Facebook and Twitter say on Election night, they will apply labels to any post that claim electoral victories prematurely. Mayor De Blasio thinks it would be a good idea for New Yorkers not to travel during the holidays. That story from WCBS reporter rich land with covert infection numbers skyrocketing around the nation in the world, and with New York City, battling a second wave the holidays approach. It's going to be very different this year. We all know that And yet we're gonna feel that pole to want to be with the family want to be with our loved ones were going to feel that pull to do what we would do in a normal year. It's not a normal year, the mayor says. We have to do things differently. Most importantly, I want to recommend to all New Yorkers. It's not business as usual..

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