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This is our second episode in a four episode series on legendary cocaine trafficker Pablo Escobar last week we heard about how Pablo's violent childhood informed his anti imperial list ideals and attracted him to a criminal lifestyle during Pablo's early career between nineteen seventy one and nineteen seventy five he learned three important skills that would be key to his success smuggling bribery and murder this week will witnessed the beginnings of Pablo's cocaine empire and how we expanded exponentially by joining forces with other Colombian drug traffickers we discussed in our last episode how Pablo Spent Three Years years working as a fixer for Rafael Puente a contraband smuggler but after a bust almost got him arrested in around nineteen seventy four nineteen seventy-five Pablo knew he had to go into business for himself. If Pablo was running his own operation he would be able to call. shots without directly handling illegal goods more power and money less risk he'd made enough money working for Rafael that he could other people to do the dirty work so he invested in an emerging market cocaine in nineteen seventy the United States government undesignated cocaine a controlled substance the new government rules made cocaine riskier to produce and distribute the higher risk meant the price ace skyrocketed for Pablo a single truck load of cocaine could make him as much money as an entire convoy of trucks full of other contraband he used the money he'd made smuggling as the seed investment to set up his own cocaine manufacturing infrastructure the first Pablo in his cousin Gustavo Galleria made plans to travel to Peru with a man who called himself hookah Raja the cockroach the cockroach new the best place to find the substance that would get his cocaine business off the ground coca paste coca paste is a mixture of pulverized coca leaves and other chemicals including kerosene sulfuric acid and sodium bicarbonate combined these substances form the active ingredient in white powder cocaine deep in the Peruvian jungle the cockroach introduced Pablo and Gustavo into their coca paste supplier further I order Pablo and Gustavo negotiated a price of sixty dollars per kilo the only had a small compartment in the front right fender of their yellow Renault four to smuggle the paced back to medicine so they only purchased a few kilos wants the coca paste was safely stowed Pablo Gustavo headed for the Ecuadorian border but a few miles before the border crossing they pulled over they drove into the jungle up ahead partially obscured in the jungle foliage was an identical yellow Renault for hatchbacks well identical except for a single detail the license plate Pablo Gustavo transferred the package out of the car with the Peruvian license plate into the car with an Ecuadorian licensed played they sailed through the Ecuadorian border when they approached the Colombian order they repeated the same process with another car they'd predicted that driving with a native license plate would always raise less suspicion and runt they drove the coca paste into the small town of Belan on the western outskirts of Medellin Pablo had purchased a house in a resident Ngel neighborhood there and remodeled it to suit his specific illegal needs the entire first floor had been transformed armed into a single giant industrial lab space to cook the coca paste into cocaine the second floor served as a live in apartment for the Workers who Pablo referred to as the cooks Pablo had the kitchen outfitted with several old refrigerators re purposed as ovens so the hokey paste could be cooked in large batches according to Pablo's brother Roberto the several step chemical process of transforming the paste into powdered cocoa cain quote is no more difficult than baking a cake all the windows in the house were covered to avoid alerting the neighbors but there's nothing Pablo could do about the intense chemical smell that wafted from the house even though Pablo was only making his first batch of cocaine he could already see that this house wasn't sustainable long term he was already thinking bigger once Pablo's first batch of cocaine was synthesis is he had to get it to the United States Pablo organized a system of trucks to transport the drugs from the laboratory and Belan to the airport at the airport workers would package the cocaine and label it with brand names of Pablo's choice usually gems like emerald and diamond and once the cocaine was packaged it was packed inside scrapped airplane tires each tire could hold twenty two four forty kilos the tires were loaded inside a small single propeller airplane a Piper Cub Pablo had gotten the plane stripped down so that the interior was basically just a pilot seat and console he also added an extra compartment for additional fuel the setup maximum is the load the plane could carry without having to stop to refuel a single pilot would fly the plane all the way to Miami at a low altitude loyd radar detection after landing the tires would be offloaded and taken to a dump unknown to the garbage truck driver a Miami the employees of Pablo's would follow the truck to the dump collect the tires and bringing the drugs to distributors and just like that blows cocaine was being sold in the United States and money was headed back to Columbia Pablo use to make about to her hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month running the contraband caravans for Rafael Puente now a single airplane load of cocaine net Pablo over two million dollars and the American market was hungry within months Pablo was sending two or three means a week as Pablo's organization grew he expanded his fleet of cars so both he and Gustavo could drive at the same time they offer the shots Pablo stop driving and focused on expansion he replaced himself with several drivers who could smuggle coca paste intimate again by the truckload and by nineteen seventy six Pablo was twenty six years old and living large in March he married the fifteen-year-old he'd been pursuing since she was thirteen Maria Victoria Henao Pablo moved his wife into a fine stucco.

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