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And you hire highly recommend the tour. Right. I do. I definitely do. So. But if you do purchase tickets at the door, keep in mind, do you do you have to bring cash we're not tech savvy that we have credit card. Scanners yet. So. Jamie's the greatest set doesn't work. It has to be cash for that one to get into the day, FOX homes. Jamie's the greatest works fine. That's not gonna work at the other contractors? So much influence you have. I'm working on it. Okay. So let's talk about the other project that we have on the show. Great. The other Java's the our home in Clinton vowed cute cute house built in the nineteen thirties. I'm just kind of a sucker for old home so too. So it kind of is near and dear to me. But we we started with this client doing her kitchen. We opened up her kitchen a little bit more to the dining area that that you know, she wanted to have that joined space, and then when we finished her kitchen we ended up doing the master bath and the other hall bathroom and a partner bath for her. So it's a great home to see she has it staged wonderfully just on her own. So really when you come into the house, it feels like the whole house has been redone. And I think she did say that I think she said she is done. We we've done all the things left on our list to do. So, but we we are very proud of this project. So that address is an Aldrich road in Clinton Bill to one. That's a nice little area in Clinton, Phil. Yeah. Yeah. It's a cute little street. My goodness. There's like a little island. Rumor is that. Well, I don't know if it's a rumor, but she told me at one time, the her home and the three others around. It were on the original Parada homes for the time in the thirties trusting of. Yeah, I thought that was kind of neat super cool. That would have been kind of out a little bit back. Then. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting. So you get to see a what what year was that house built nineteen. I think it was thirty five. So if you want to see a nineteen thirty five parade of home. Address Aldrich road. Yeah. Yes. So you Jennifer, you mentioned that this client likes to decorate or have everything all. Yeah. She hasn't very set up, and that's fun. When clients do that, I knew Jamie when you go photograph places. It's nice. Some people. Do it some people don't, you know? So you gotta bring props November. Yeah. Some people can very tastefully decorated necess- rise their areas and having just looked delightful. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, I really barely move stuff around in that kitchen. What do we came to photograph and and the bathrooms this project to me? I just love how unique it is. It's just not something you see in central Ohio, very often this mid century modern bathroom. And such unique small spaces made so functional like the amount of function packed into these spaces is unbelievable and so charming. I mean, they just you just want a really move right in. Great. So Jennifer, you mentioned we done this several projects then for this client as well. Last one good. So people just like you keep calling you back Jennifer nice year. That's great. So you did we were there three times three different projects. Right. Yeah. So the guys mentioned the kitchen, and I think we had that on the radio once before the kitchen project was on our show once ready. So now, if you go to CNN, Tori, you get to put it all together visually that was a that was a great project, and it has a lot of classic features to it. But a few more little more contemporary slash modern type of features that she wanted the countertops. Look a little sleeker thinner than normal counters, which is kind of a neat. Look and then waiting toilet the toilet bathroom is that it is just a cool looking toilet no tank on the back said the tank, and so it's floating little over the floor. So it's it's a toilet. But it's just gives it a really cool spa like feel and that was not just the toilet. Makes it the spy field. But. The other things like the tile and she did walnut wood on everything which it it's just a gorgeous. Would she did that in our kitchen as well? So it kind of flows through the house center, but the spa feel was what she was going for when we started the master bathroom, and it is a small master bathroom. And I'm saying small when I'm talking five foot by maybe actually, I think it's like four and a half feet. I don't think that's fine. Neighborhood. A lot of things are very compact. Yeah. And it's it's it's a small space. So we we had to come up with an eye neat way to a vanity sink. We didn't have a full eighteen or twenty one inch depth in that area. We we had to take it down. I think fifteen or twelve those kind of a very tiny vanity in that way. We did a barrier-free shower one for just, you know, aging in place, kind of reasons, but also just the overall look of it at saved having another transition threshold in space, it just looks very clean and uniform all the way to the shower. So yeah, I would say between the zero transition the floating toilet and a floating vanity. It's amazing to think about how much smaller that bathroom would feel if there was a transition and a vanity and the toilet went to the ground and had a tank and everything. Good point. I mean, it's it was remarkable the difference at that makes so Jennifer you said this client does a good job of rising and decorating. So they probably had a lot of ideas for this remodel right? And I wish Michelle was here today to talk. I think this was her baby. She. Interior designer on this one. And so she really has had a lot of fun with this client on the kitchen and the bathrooms they'd both just kind of went to the next level. So there's really cool hexagon tiles and Florida ceiling tiles on things we have a mere in this one that goes all the way across the vanity and next to the toilet. You have to understand what I'm saying. But we just we don't do things like this. And a lotta hoes don't get the clients that want to have this unique type of book. So I'm Michelle did a wonderful job on. Great. Yeah. Very cool. And I love the in the hall bathroom, the vanity with the little sink and the faucet off to the side is so cute. Yeah. That one has a tub in the tub in there's really it was one of the original nineteen thirties rounded corner tub. So it's three two with a rounded corner on the top, you know, and it had the curtain going around the ring around the top wall tile up young black and white classic stuff. And we did not have a lot of space for vanity because it was designed with a pedestal sink originally. And I think it was actually a little wall hung, not even a true pedestal. So to get cabinet tree in there. Again, we had some space constraints, and we came up with some ways to still give her a lot of storage. She gained probably I think hundred and fifty percent more storage than here. And she didn't have a light switch that was another big thing. So we. That she has a little pool cords with the two sides. I wonder if she just screwed the ball been. So on top of you know, all the other things she wanted to change in their the lights, which was a big one. And then we did end up taking the tobacco. We were going to try to save it at first, but we were we were able to find one that was similar to the old one. And that it had the curve side on it. But it was much deeper and more modern and newer material. So people come will they be able to see all these projects were talking about in on this home. Yes, she opening up to us. Yeah. Three different visits of Dave FOX, you're modeling in there. We did on each one. Yeah. Cool. File line? This is the nea-ri home approve mature. And we've been doing this tour for many many many years. So.

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