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It must operate under new safety protocols. President of the Lake Erie Charter Boat Association. David Spangler says there's no way to make up for the lost time. This was going to be a very very lean year. But we're ready. If people out the life fishing is right now the best has ever been in the lake ever. That's the real catch to everything else here because it's just been fantastic director of the put-in-bay Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. Peter Houston says this is the first weekend that the majority of retail restaurant and launching businesses on the island can open between the cleaning the mass and the social distancing and all the other guy by all of the businesses here are fully embracing that new guidelines and that you feel comfortable to come and visit. According to the Lake Erie Foundation and the eight counties that border the lake tourism-related spending top fifteen billion dollars as of two thousand seventeen supporting more than one hundred and twenty seven thousand jobs. Mary Sherman Reporting Sub Lake Erie. Tourism organizations are projecting at least a forty percent drop in travel-related spending compared to last year vilely fighting wildfires in Arizona and across the West is a daunting task in a normal year but add coronavirus into the mix and emergency officials say. They've had to develop a brand new game plan the Arizona Department of Forestry and fire management and the American Red Cross both say in addition to battling flames and sheltering displaced families. They must enforce social distancing provide protective gear and find new ways to safely house evacuees Colin Williams with the Red Cross cysts providing Katsina food. Buffet is no longer an option. We're asking people to present themselves at the center. We take their temperature. We ask them how we feel and then the resistance we ask them with their needs are the US weather service. Blm and other agencies are predicting that Arizona in surrounding states will be at higher than normal risk for wildfires. In May June July Williams says one of their biggest challenges is to house evacuees in ways that will keep them safe both from the wildfires and the covid nineteen virus we will open up an emergency evacuation center for people can come and find out information we can then determine what their housing needs are most cases we can refer people to one of three places to hotel a dormitory or it. Can't tiffany Davila with Arizona? Forestry and Fire Management Says Firefighting crews will be rigorously tested for illness before they're deployed. They'll be issued gear to avoid contamination for public new service. I'm mark Richardson. How Safe Memorial Day? This is my Clifford for public news service. We are member listener supported Emerald Line at Public New Service Award Sheet. Thank you for.

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