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The storm's path, everyone who had to flee the storm the news of that though, and how deadly it will be will be next week this week. Well, we begin with a front page story from the Middle East that caught my attention. It was from Syria, and it was grim. Hopefully, the world took notice the report for the Wall Street Journal lead with this Assad is planning chlorine attack. USS the people of Syria, beaten and beleaguered balling, seven years of civil war under President Assad has one last refuge of rebellion. The north west province of an estimated three million noncombatant, citizens call it live their home. Unfortunately, some seventy thousand opposition fighters are there as well expressed my concerns to congressman Mike Gallagher, a former marine officer current member of the House Armed Services committee province south of Turkey at borders with Turkey, it's the last stronghold of anti Assad regime elements. The Russians the Iranians and the Syrians are targeting, and including Hezbollah elements and the threat of chemical weapons what understanding of the situation there. And what are we to do? Michael gallagher. Well, my belief is that a full on assault of ad-lib is a matter of when not understanding the very stern warnings that our administration has made. But I would say that a lot of those warnings have involved the administration saying don't use chemical weapons and have been silent about the broader question of the nature of the assault. Russia is already spreading propaganda claiming that the opposition is filming footage of a fake chemical attack as part of an information war campaign fortieth, and when Assad uses chemical weapons, this'll be another major humanitarian disaster because four in which the US, unfortunately, we'll do little I after we make major pronouncement. And you know, my opinion is always that we should not speak at all. We don't have this or we're not prepared to will stick. But from a policy standpoint, I will concede the US as you get actions. If we get it for so long. Curia? I think the right way to begin thinking about it live is not as an aside victory. But as the Russian and Iranian occupation of Syria and the impact that will have on our allies, Milovan and broader throughout the region. It looked could be Aleppo on steroids is a potential hundred thousand plus civilian casualties. And are we just going to let that happen? I think it will be serious costs our credibility if we let that happen. And while I applaud of what NASCAR divisive jumbled this data's that the US will be ready with a much stronger much stronger response than before at the side uses chemical weapons, and our British infringe allies have joined us in that call. So it's good that we want to hold us on accountable for these chemical weapons, but we've already conducted two strikes against decide regime, a third, especially if it much stronger, I believe would also crossed the threshold task the commander in chief south authorities constitute the beginning of a wider campaign against the fabric. Then not only do essays credibility. Can cares? I think there are serious constitutional concerns. And I don't think you and I ever talked about whether you believe the commander in chief has inherent. Authorities conduct is whether you believe the post nine eleven can be stretched far enough to allow us to like TV's in Syria. My own is that it doesn't. And this is a congressional dereliction of duty. The fact that we haven't been able to revisit the Iraq war, and after the nine eleven and have that discussion about what we're doing in Syria, and what are the? Legal authorities because you answer that you said Al Qaeda is there that means the AM FM. Two thousand and one covers it we are authorized in the USA your laugh in two thousand one to do whatever we want to do in Syria, so long as there are terrorist elements there if it were a pure regime a regime action, I don't know, but it is clearly not appear regime regime action. So what if a group is officially excommunicated from al-qaeda or has public falling out from Qaeda as HDFS does and the enemy of Al Qaeda. Are they covered under the nine eleven. I did not. The enemies of America to define what the math means. It doesn't mean what they call themselves. It means what they were are intend to be as far as the Syrian regime itself. I mean, surely tacking Iranian regime, I believe in that its alliance with its tactical occasionally with Gaza HAMAs empowers us to act throughout the region. Now, you might wanna clean it up and make that explicit. But I believe we can actually engaged Iran under the meth. Oh, interesting. That's a that's an expansive reading. Now. I'm of the belief that we should have people waking up every day and our government thank thinking about how we impose costs on Iran and its proxies. And I think you can make an argument for whether we should authorize lethal force against his he's in Syria and elsewhere because it is a full-fledged terrorist group. But when congress doesn't act. Seat at the table. Or when congress doesn't even have an interest in oversight over the war outsources, all of this to the executive it sort of undermines a necessary component of our campaign successful, which just to say to have full backing of the American people and have the strength that comes from an open and honest debate.

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