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Out into the East River as it goes from fifty third up to sixty First Street James patch is the president of the New York City economic development corporation forty to fifty feet by twenty feet dedicated specifically to park planned people who this recreation enjoy their lives and it's also a big step to finish a plan the city started working on during the day begins administration putting a continuous ring of park land all around Manhattan's perimeter we finally have a real plan that will complete the live there still a handful of gaps in that loop attach it says they're working on filling them on the Upper East Side Steve Byrnes WCBS newsradio eighty eighty CBS news time is ten eighteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the H. what's going on out there seem to cascade all right so we've cleared the crash on the candidate turnpike northbound in bridge for watch out for residual delay is over New Jersey we've got ways is reporting a crash on the plus the sky way south bound taking aniline by Central Avenue and in New York we've got a collision on now being reported by what you see is is on the west bank restaurants just after Webster delays are stretching back to the Sheraton expressway still working this collision on the if your drive north bound at forty second street exit nine that's got the right lane out and we also have a crash being reported on the belt parkway westbound approaching Lefferts one lane is out taking a look at the crossings Upper East River crossing so great mid town crossings no troubles there even the broken bow broken bridges behaving verisign is in great shape no incidents or accidents at the New Jersey state now the connectors and crossing the Hudson River both directions via the Holland and Lincoln tunnels George Washington bridge and the Tappan Zee are all in fine shape our next traffic update is in less than ten minutes on WCBS thank you very much now your five day forecast for meteorologist Mike list sini cloudy tonight with periods of rain low forty one in Central Park there may be icy.

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