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And I'm talking to Cardinal Joseph zen about the situation with the church in China cardinals. You said that Pope John Paul the second and the people around him in the Vatican really had wisdom in dealing with the complicated situation of Catholic church in China. So how did this? How did this change? What do you think happened from John Paul the second to where we are today? Obviously Pope Benedict in writing the letter that he wrote eleven years ago twelve years ago also seemed to understand the situation. So what is it that you think makes this pope not under? Let's go back today year two thousand. Yeah. Before the two thousand. John had a very good collaborator. Not see Tom call. He's comes from Czechoslovakia. And so he knows the communists. Really wise and open and we from Hong Kong, especially those who came with in China in the mid east, we gave him many formations encouraging wins and he ready candidacy to each at all those people. And but then I said the moment, obviously, the government was I wear everything. So the governor was awarded David will be going to to to communicate with home. So in two thousand two events happen when? At the beginning of the year the government plan a ordination of eating maybe up bishops. But actually, it was a failure. Because only five when to said that did Asian, and but anyway, I it was a a act due to threaten the people that they should not obey to to the authority Dini, Rome. At the end of the pope declared the Dessange modest in China and the communist. Stage day campaign. I tell you become pain they called all the bishops to Beijing and to sign a letter of protest against both. Because he was a. Running in pediatrics. Yeah. Those two events. You know, obviously to threaten the people in China. So that day stop communicating with them. I'm forgetting as that by the. Tonko reached the age of retirement. He's says was not a young Italian cod. You know, we know expedients and so kind of five years of avoid. Pope, John Paul, the sink in the past subway and Pope Benedict to coffees. Oh, no. You know? He comes from Germany. Yeah. So DAS and the Nazis Smith. Yup. And then also Lebed expedience DVD's. Germany into. Did that each idea regime, and when he came to office, he did something wonderful for the church in China when he wrote a letter. Wonderful letter. And then he set up a huge commission. Wait a minute company people. So it was a very good the beginning. But unfortunately. The new congressional everyone Judaization he. Coding. India? Okay. He was a very good, man. And. The long one. But unfortunately, he had too much illusion in the so called us politique guy. That's the politique deported east of. Appeasement a my company GM and so. And and also the people in the holy sheet. Mostly they decide up that's the promoter of Ostpolitik under different popes. And so day spa depends of the pope pan. Okay. So this is this is one of the things that Benedict was fighting and probably which caused him to resign. Another words. He was I think he was aware that the situation was bleak that the people around him. In the Vatican. In many ways were not his friends. I would say. The the origination. As because he said that they had really no fee strains and to to carry on the job. Okay. Actually, we may say that people did not obey him, and he was reluctant to use. Yeah. But by that time before you design around the year two thousand ten. There was a rumor that a agreement was ready. Be saying, but is it in? No, nobody's anymore. So we have reason to believe that the pope refused to sign by agreement. Yeah. Those people back carrying on negotiations. They are oh, you know, off the school bus. So they tend to compromise with the comedy. So. Zayn? And then pope Francis came a bathing new different situation. And so we now having a kind of a conclusion of was what is going on after friends. She took office. No. You know at both both entities and g sickly upstate guardian about name. We're conceded. They kind of outsiders. Yeah. By the group of power. And so when pope Francis came first job is to find that you say upstate, okay? Forgive me. This is our it's our final break when we come back folks a few minutes with with Joseph Cardinal zen. It's Eric.

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