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Two radio powered aircraft and and rolled out on on one nine at DCA and got to the ramp. Yeah. Yeah. So hopefully that won't happen again. But hopefully that won't happen again. Or if it does have the same time about come. Yeah. But the parade of aircraft cool thing cool thing other shutouts, what do you got? Somebody want to David you met. Herb kelleher. Oh in a do this now. Well, we're we we certainly want to say a few words I may elaborate on the episode, but we may elaborate in the after show go ahead. He's right back. Okay. But David certainly just say a few words about her Keller. Well, can't say too. I can't say enough about herb Kelleher. Herb Kelleher was the lawyer that helped Dallas area businessman, start Southwest Airlines and eventually very quickly. Herb went to work for south west because they spent five years fighting court cases from other airlines trying to keep them from starting an airline that was only going to fly within Texas. Uh-huh. That was that was the concept. So they didn't need to to get the FAA's permission didn't need to get the. What was it civil aeronautics board in on it because they were just gonna fly interstate not interesting, and well, her rose to be chairman live long enough to be chairman emeritus, and he and the secretary who wound up being president later on they revolutionized the airline industry with the I really truly and consistently successful low cost carrier south..

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