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In and pick up that twenty than it does to just walk on by best bets for the night we're gonna take that twenty we're gonna lay it down that's that's a night or next to the Big Island Georgia I came away the voice to Colorado and John Morris you take me home for today what is it called tonight Parker road Broncos parkway Braga park was closed this morning because of an accident you got a question on Park Road at Ruggles parkway right now Exeter drive north of I. twenty five heavy from county only because of a crash at Bellevue you also slowly into downtown website at W. W. seventy Kipling that's watched by a left wing crash southbound what route is closed between a hundred twenty five hundred and forty you come over the border Terbaik up southbound Wadsworth that's going to affect you go east over to main street take it down to a hundred for church ranch east of I seventy of Anna they cleared that grace but that's a real slow drive between I. twenty five they had to do five covers city seventy port west of I seventy six year old a bike crash Brighton so about eighty five hundred sixty eight I got one lane open they're very heavy drive in your area on two to five up around six W. in Colfax events outside is come out of the tech center and all your westbound LCL subs gone but it's still slow drive on two eighty five C. four seventy westbound across Ireland read that six Feb you drive out of our downtown and out poured liquid another slow go box thirty one pinpoint weather clear skies tonight for a low twenty five sunny of fifty seven tomorrow snow on Sunday forty four this report is sponsored by Canada dry ginger ale numbers a better news brought to you by cable to drive traffic to worse so grab get a Canada dry ginger ale imagine said you're gently floating through the cosmos on the soft comfy recliner next door neighbor lies with the real ginger taste of Canada dry I'm John Morrissey.

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