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Morning on the show all sorts of you picked a really good day to listen to the show I would get your advance tickets coming up in about twenty minutes or so with the pointless poll question of the day but every hour after that we'll have millennium tour tickets for this weekend with the throwback Thursday voting so you'll have a chance to win those a couple times we got a lot of those things give way this morning a plus if you miss dirty work yesterday you did miss a lot we'll catch you up and around seven oh five and then we will try to find love between two strangers this morning with your help with another hook up or hang up this morning coming up at around eight o'clock all that coming up plus as you can imagine a lot of coronavirus stuff this morning and kind of kind of exploded overnight time we have our first major celebrity to test positive for current affairs the entire NBA season is suspended not cancelled but suspended the big deal our other sports going to be next also do you think movie theaters should close that's another question has been kind of kicked around so outside of that stuff we do have some other stuff to talk about the mask singer definitely pulled off a really good surprise last night if you missed it this will cover that with you this morning chick fillet I now something so big I would say it's the second best thing to them saying we're going to be open on Sundays which by the way they did not announce I'm sorry and Harvey wanting to see what his life just gets worse and worse I mean it's not like he doesn't deserve it the latest on that story coming up this morning as well all that a lot more we will try to make it as far as we can and mention the C. word as little as possible today but it's everywhere this morning so I will have a a a Thursday morning funny show for you when we come back to you and your pet are cordially invited to the thirteenth annual for for Bob benefiting the packs in programs and the peninsula SPCA this year's theme lucky thirteen happening March twenty.

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