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On these episodes before anyone else we take a look at the me too movement though in the news lately i mean everyone's it's not even news anymore it's kind of a stay like it it's a it's a thing now we have the hashtag me too movement we're gonna take a look at it in kind of understand the positives well first of all get and understanding what it is how did they come up and what we are a two day because of any s current climate it's like yes right where were not gonna take i wouldn't say were taking any sides or anything like that but we were weighing in i would say that right so first of all in two thousand six toronto burt who is a social activist 'em she came with a with a whole me too thing in two thousand six on my space if you if you guys remember when my space was and basically it was just kind of like in in in and empowerment through empathy sorry empowerment through empathy among women of color who have experienced sexual abuse stick particularly with india underprivileged communities so that happened back then however me to recently came out in two thousand seventeen when elissa milano 'em in courage spreading the hash tag on twitter to draw attention to sexual assault and harassment this is kind of doing the whole harvey weinstein thing where all these celebrities were coming out saying yet act of actresses meet to not only that but just in general saying that they have been a sexually abusers sexually assaulted or whatever it is so there were other hash tags other hashtag my harvey weinstein has state your case this hashtag what were you wearing a luxury i actually liked that one because it's kind of saying you know a lot of people do put the blame on oh were you wearing yeah that's like the you have someone like you were like i was telling you i'm in their previous though that walking down the street ten minutes yeah hayes 'em three men had something to say a me yeah you're responds 'cause you're educated human being what the what were you wearing yeah it was really said that happy a but yeah so i i love that hashtag i mean yeah hashtag a they another one is at stake survivor privilege 'em so first of all may maybe we can kind of understand why it's there like what what is this me too movement all about like from my understanding not even my understanding is really kind of capturing kind of create a safe space for everyone to kind of say yeah i went through this i understand and kind of game be empathy from everyone whether it's a man or woman having gone through this a this 'em which you would call this scenario and i really scenario but this part of their life that they've been holding back for so long that they've been a kind of scared to report it or you know do whatever whatever witness because it was it was such a stigma back in the day right to not only reporting but even you kind of feel as if it's your fault yeah i believe the me too movement and and all these other ones that you mentioned all about bending people who have gone through these events together letting them know that they are the only people and they're not alone in it has a lot of that stigma like fear comes from the idea that like well i'm the only one that like that this doesn't happen to the people so could we must have been you know some strange thing that happened to just me in that must be because i costs it myself i so you gotta get yourself into like a really dark hole thinking like that mm but sort of taking the the blinds off of everything taking the the the the curtain off you one scared those individuals who are usually in 'em kind of higher positions 'em or have some sort of power over you m you scare them by letting them know that i'm we are no longer afraid speaking up for ourselves yes so watch yourself man and if i were you i'd be scared because your like you're you're power over me is gone an you're crime is going to come to light yeah now we have those type of people right people who kind of exert their power and they've been kind of like the harvey weinstein see 'em whoever is like a celebrity or even just like sports stars at cetera who have the money have the power to china or russia just abbas should anyone yeah and they committed some kind of advantage over at rate and kind of can have that power to brush it underneath the rug or think that there's consequences try and get away with certain things right 'em let her know that this isn't okay or even just regular dudes who didn't know any better yet right kind of prevented this is like i think the first positive that i would say is that it's not only bring it to light but it is educating men that oh maybe that thing that i did before it might have said seem small because of social norms yeah but now i know that it's not okay right and it's creating that empathy in also i'm starting to understand now from i'm gonna be more empathetic that if this were to happen to me as a guy i wouldn't want someone to do that to me too is well right don't necessarily agree i don't think these on movements foster like empathy and okay between men and women i don't think necessarily i don't think that that's their ultimate goal yeah from is actually one of their goals though to foster and yeah it's offensively empathy because that's one thing that society really lax but i think what you might be thinking which is i i find true is that society doesn't have that empathy and i think both predator kinda come to that but that's kind of to foster that empathy and have them understand why that movements there but also what they have gone through right so it's that's what creates that learning exercise now out of all this men being educated ori even if i would say even women men are being educated to his well because unfortunately there's a lot of women who believe that just because of what you wear or you know you should you should have reported this like years ago or are these like you think you can speak to another woman about something that has happened to you yeah but because the woman's been brainwashed year 'em she's not you're sister yes she actually 'em sort of reaffirms all of these negative side yeah it's like biases that we have on yeah so there are those women who and that's what that's what he's all about it's like i too have felt this i as like another person had at all yeah but i like my issue is that what you're saying is it to me i took as you meant they were trying to foster empathy in other people not another not not people who have also experience the same thing that they have but like other people thinking how you're gonna foster empathy 'em in a ceo of for two for five dollars richer you're not gonna foster family in a the people who i actually do need no definitely not okay so what i mean is just like empathy firma knowledge like everyone should understand that has commuted yeah exactly right so to to do that but yeah you're right a lot of women are kind of brainwashed to am it's because of these societal norms right and end 'em that's we kind of speak on it where if you know if you're at work like maybe for five years ago i don't know if it was necessarily okayed do this but a lot of people were kind of florida where again just like do this and that but then to the other person who's not actually asking for that flirting they kind of feel humiliated and it's kind of like embarrassing and all this this kind of takes that away and now there's more professionalism at work because they wanna avoid all this like me too yeah business happened to me like maybe three years ago and just like as as you're talking i'm like i guess that that has happened yeah i was working on in eight field dominated by men 'em and a so i was one of the four females i think on an i i knew there were some times like those kind of like flirty joke yeah the guys and like you know they'd raped the girls and do certain things like that i remember once there's a guy who was higher up than me 'em who is checking in over the weekend was like oh like whether you're plans and i not too much what about you he's like oh do you wanna come on by a my hotel room saying at such and such and i was like and i actually no i think i'm gonna be doing this and this and then he kinda backtracked but still creepiest how he was like oh there's like this awesome jacuzzi that like we were an irish just like not really okay that's interesting because it at the same time i'm starting to see like my current partner and so i should like who the hell does he think he is and then like the next day at work it was like whatever like nothing nothing happening and never mentioned it to me again 'em but there are those who like higher up yeah somebody that at the at the time he was inappropriate appropriate but it's like looking back i wish with twenty twentyone meeting time and he was forty alone okay cetera this whole thing i thought he was like your e l now oh no i'm because it's like the kind of job that was there is lots of people from different parts of the world so some folks were kind of put up in hotels and the okay that but yeah it was so so strange and now it's like looking back i'm just like that was so inappropriate yeah i news inappropriate at the time they felt extremely uncomfortable by air but how crazy is that yeah it's it's like i've always heard stories about like all these all the buses just taking these younger women like oh let's go back to let's go to my college relaying yeah hey i'll buy you a car you know nana oh you look great hey you know making all these like 'em weird comments yeah right 'cause they could they get away with it yeah right like an and that kind of fosters this really messed up dynamic you mean you mean people in different powers yeah 'em different levels of power like if you if you're job requires you to travel sometimes anes you know you need to travel out of town with their boss.

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