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To the Anthony Munoz Foundation. A lot of kids are going to benefit by that. Congratulations to all involved. That is awesome. This is the Bangles Line show and 700 wlw. I'll tell you something else. That was awesome. Baltimore Ravens running game yesterday. Second and to officially for the Ravens. Huntley turns left hands it off to Dobbins. He runs for the first down, gets away from Pratt sprinting downfield to the 40, the 30, the 20, the 10 and the former Buckeye go 72 yards for a touchdown. As the Ravens continue to pour it on part of a 160 yard rushing performance, and only 13 carries for former Ohio State running back JK Dobbins. Lamar Jackson had 97 rushing yards before leaving late in the third quarter. He went up and over 1000 rushing yards for the season. 1969 the Bangles second year of existence. They gave up 313 yards on the ground to the Kansas City Chiefs. That was the record for most rushing yards allowed by the Cincinnati Bengals. Well, it's no longer the record and the new record is almost 100 yards. Higher. They gave up more than 400 yards 404 on the ground yesterday. It's interesting that the Bangles are the record holder Corey Dillon being the highlight going for four or seven, and then they gave up the number to itself again. Another Charles Dickens thing, the best of times the worst of times. I mean, it's It's ironic that the franchise is involved in Two of the 3 400 Yard games that are spoken about those are rare in the Super Bowl air in the Super Bowl era. Those rare I mean and and for this franchise to be on the good side and the bad side. I guess speaks speaks volumes toe. There have been some good times, and there've been some terrible times and everything in between. Here's Here's the sad truth. As I mentioned Lamar Jackson came out late in the third quarter had he stayed in had Baltimore needed to continue. To score for whatever reason. Who knows how many rushing yards the Bangles might have given up? It was 3 50 at the end of the third quarter, and so you know, I mean, you're thinking that zoo over over 120 yards a quarter Yeah. You have 120 yards to it. That's 4 70. You know if you average it out, Yeah, they could have been creeping up for 5500 yards very easily. It's it's crazy. Bangles have not stopped the run well for several years now. They tried to address that through free agency. Last year, they went out and signed DJ Reader. Unfortunately, his season ended after four games. Gino Atkins was never Gino Atkins. We don't know if he'll be back. Next year. They tried to sign some guys on the perimeter. That would be a good run stoppers. Trae Waynes never played Mackenzie Alexander did, but he wasn't in there. Yesterday s O. For starters. They've got to get some of those guys back. But they also could need to continue to add personnel up front. That's going to be a huge priority. It is and there's another guy Grinnell Ren. Would like to have him yesterday. He's a big body guy that plays the run pretty darn well and he and DJ reader same injury, you know, Quadricep tendon that ruptures. I mean, have to those in the same position group in the same season. And I mean, there's there's a black cloud of injury. Just Harvard around this this franchise and You know, you spend a ton of money on Trae Waynes. You don't even know what you got yet. I mean, he hurt himself. Lifting weights towards pectoral had that surgery and detached. It didn't just tear it. Detach. The pectoral has to have surgery, Attaching That Zama attic. That's a that is that a new, unbelievable injury to sustain in a weight room working out in the off season, not just pulling Peck the attaching surgical repair out for the year that stuffs crazy and you wonder when it will go away. You know when they'll be able to Ah, Every coach in the National Football League. Their dream is you're never gonna have everybody leave training camp with But the teams that are usually successful and I can speak to. I know the team that I played on the 81 82 team that had success went to Super 16. When we broke training camp. We thought we were pretty good. And you know, we knew if we Avoided injury, particularly the key positions. We were gonna be damn good and we avoided injury to the key positions and we were damn good and that zit fact of life in the National Football League. And the teams that you know that get there and competed. A high level usually don't sustain season ending injuries. Two guys that they're really, really recounting on, and there's a rare exception to every rule, and you'll.

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