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In the summer of nineteen sixty five. One to Fisher was a sixteen year old baseball fan who wanted to become a sports writer, but a major leaguer had some advice for her. He said, you know, the guys really don't want women in the locker room or the clubhouse. They're going to give you a hard time that's coming up on only a game from NPR. Asthma, hey, Scott nother crazy week. We've got North Korea. Yep, we got Russia midterms, and of course President Trump and what happens whenever there is crazy news at our ups, we pop into the studio and break it down to make sense. So if you see a headline, we've discussed it, it's the PR politics podcast. I'm nor prince Yati it's time for three stories. You should know this week. We're going to talk about the president, the pro football hall of fame and an RV. I'm joined by Espy nations. Tyler tines. Hey, Tyler. What's up by ESPN's Don van Natta junior. Hello, Don, low, Nora, Tyler. We're going to go to you first. So basically, obviously there's talk of the town has been that on CNN LeBron James was sitting down for an interview with the new school. The who's opening and Don limit asked him. If he ever sit down with the president, he has asked him a variety of questions about the presidency about how sports the unifying factor in so many other things. And it wasn't the best messaging from LeBron James, because he sort of jumbled at least his understanding of how sports are with the actual actuality of the unification powers sport. But that started another new cycle between the president while he attacks black athletes to which he was saying that Don lemon is stupid and LeBron James is too bad. He prefers Michael Jordan. This is the thing that we want to constantly see until Donald Trump is not president. Clearly, President Trump sees this as a winning issue, two players to Caen Thursday night in a preseason game. They were both Miami Dolphins and yet Friday morning Trump tweeted out twice about this issue. And before long I think the president's tweets may outnumber the number of kneeling players. He told Jerry Jones last year. This issue lifts me. This is a culture war issue for him. A losing issue for the NFL Trump is now in a position where this gets traction with his base, and he's going to continue to try to provoke players to continue to take a knee and undercut the NFL site think that the parallel with the anthem issue and it's almost ironic that I caught the anthem issue is a good one because they're. Is a jumbling of messaging in both cases because the thing about the anthem issue is that it took on this idea that it's strictly about the national anthem which it never really was to begin with. It was about player's protesting racial inequality and police brutality against minorities. And it struck me that there's kind of a similar trap in this debate with LeBron potentially by design on the part of the president, which is that it's so easy to point out. The good works that LeBron has done that. A lot of people rushed to his defense by listing them and in some ways that's kind of beside the point because LeBron support of his community really shouldn't be up for debate and putting it up for debate kind of loses. The important point here, which is that the president seems unable to tolerate black athletes who have success and are comfortable exercising their strength in their own personal agency. I just think the point here is not to jumble so many of these different factors. It's great LeBron James open the school, but that by itself has to be. Unpacked in repurpose in, we need to make sure that's all good. At the same time when the president attacks black athletes, it's improper to think that we shouldn't have the conversations. Black people are being disportionately murdered by police. We're still unequal to white people at almost every single level at this country, and other people of color are going through the exact same thing by different measures standards in..

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