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Rahab Ruth Bethsheba, and Mary the teenage girl who found herself pregnant, I want to tell you the story of one of those five women because she. She describes what Boxing Day is all about her name is Ruth. And that's why I asked you to turn to the local book named after her. It's in the Old Testament right after Joshua and judges, and we're going to start in chapter two verse one once upon a time, I'll tell you the story leading up to that. There was a man named Elimelech. He had a wife named Naomi. They were extraordinarily poor. They lived in Israel. And there was a famine they eventually ran out of money and out of food, and they were going to starve unless they did something they had two sons and four of them move to MOAB when they got there Elimelech up and died leaving Naomi with her two sons, they quickly married Mobike women or an Ruth ten years later. The two boys died leaving now three widows extremely poor. Their supply ran out the other daughter-in-law stayed behind Naomi and Ruth made it back to Israel. They had absolutely nothing. They were destitute impoverished and in desperate need. And that's where we meet. Them in chapter two I one now Naomi had a relative on her husband's side from the clan of Elimelech a man of standing that means that he was well respected in the community. He had some means he had some land. His name was boas and Ruth, the moa Bitis said tonight me please note, the author points out that she is a moa Bitis her ethnicity, it's communicated to us because it mattered at this point, not only would she impoverished, not only was she desperate. Not only see a widow. But she was an alien to she didn't belong this. Poor woman. Had nothing going her way. The Ruth the mo- abide is said to Naomi let me go to the fields and pick up the leftover grain behind anyone in whose is I find favor, and what she wanted to do was what's called glean. We'll see that word as we go through the text. The Hebrew word is LA caught it means to gather. Or collect the idea was that land owners were to allow the poor people to go behind the harvesters and everything fell on the ground. There was supposed.

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