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Rubber suit. Yeah. Yeah, well, we wouldn't be doing the store. We might. Oh, we'd have done this. If he were missing. My goodness. Still no leads on that man who disappeared after the Buffalo Bills game. Bring out the huge ratings for the NFL last weekend. We'll be doing our NFL picks coming up. Me and Tom against each other. Will it will be? I'm going to let Willie pick. I don't want any part of Willie. No, because he knows about you're out of my lane here. I've been going with Jake all season. I made a little bit of money. We're pretty lucky this year. We'll see. So that's all coming up. Also coming up Christian, what have you got over there? Oh, we have a lot of stuff. We have a stolen tractor in the news. We have a couple that went viral because they locked themselves in dog crates. We have a horse in the back seat of a car. That's fun. In the drive-through. It's very fun. You'd like cheese, do you, Josh? Sure, who doesn't? Possible gig for you. If you're a cheese eater, what's your favorite cheese? Like a Cheddar, like an American. I don't know. Havarti? That always throws me when they ask me what kind of cheese we order a cheeseburger. Why? I just said yellow. American cheese is on the cheeseburger. That's it. And white Cheddar. I think your neighborhood would have white ched oh, absolutely. We'll discuss cheese coming up for you cheese lovers right now. I want to discuss Valentine's Day. It's just around the corner. Yeah, like 24 days away. Does that close? Well, you're not going to need 24 days if you follow my advice right now. You go to I hate Steven singer dot com. It's the newest addition to the roses, the 24 karat gold dipped roses. There's a whole family of them from Steven singer, the new one is called Perry as in Perry winkle. Sounds like Ogden Nash came up with the color. I wouldn't know what Perry winkle was. However, I know what it is looking at this. It's like a purpley blue color. Yeah, kind of an indigo violet bluish, but it's gorgeous, and it's you've got a hold of it and right before you reach, it turns like that. Oh, my gosh. You know, that's a pair of wiggle. What? Can you read about sports over there to yourself? Quietly. Steven singer disavows the previous 12 seconds of this discussion. I hate Steven singer dot com. Find out about the 24 karat gold dipped. Perry winkle rose sells out every year, so you want to get yours now. Would you say 24 days still Valentine's Day? There are collectible. I know a big fan of those happens to be Josh Arnold's mom. So Josh, you want to get on this today order him. As low as $59. And of course, the

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