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I just you know when you take that out of the mix. I just feel this year. Like it's just it's just a dud. So i don't know probably has a lot to do with the area schools. As well being duds as far as postseason play but again An exciting time. And i'm here for you on the chris. Rabi show all right to quincy hour and will franklin former missouri tigers. Who played for. Gary pinkel part of those great teams. Obviously when i was When i was at mizzou Will drafted by the chiefs. To quincy has done some incredible things in st louis working as a police officer. And they're now both head coaches at local high schools. To quincy is the head coach at roosevelt and will franklin is the head coach at the shot. They will suit up and go at it on saturday. Those teams plan over a gateway so the two teammates are now coaching against each other and will visit with q. And will coming up here in just a moment. We're going to talk a little golf. Rick game it from rick grungy dot com gonna be with me. Rick run good. Dot com is the website. That's where you go tomorrow excited for our cardinals preview extravaganza ryan kelly. The home loan expert is one of the great sponsors.

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