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We had. He's on fun. I still time. Oh, yeah. Charlotte Hornets, Larry Johnson Alonzo Mourning. Supersonics Shawn Kemp in debt lift shrimp. Thank you very much. Really? Yes. Well, every once in a while. I I'd go to the pathetic Dallas Mavericks because they had Mike is Alina whose uncle was my driver's Ed teacher. Hey, you know, I used to like playing because I could play with Jordan. I wanna say might have been Horace Grant actually was. Thank you. Right. Remember seeing that wreck spects? He wrecks. The wrecks on the game. But I I would always play with the Utah Jazz Karl Malone and John Stockton. We're great do. Oh, then what like Chris Mullen and to I mean, you could just play with him and just shoot from court. I'm telling you that that was the NBA was fun to watch. And. Anyways. Okay. Yeah. This weekend. Brian's. Go to be upset that he missed the old school video game. I don't know. He's he's a nerd that. I don't know if he's video game nerd, I don't know video game third. But when I. And I guess looking back. I was I did get Nintendo power when I was a kid, and I love playing video games and. Dislike I like, we golf. I could do that all day, you know, actually, swinging the club real golf. But But that's that's okay. okay. You can't always go out and play real golfing. It's raining though. Okay. This sunday. Do you have do have the the spreads or anything? I heard them today. Listen to mad dog Russo on the way, home the I'm one of those weird guys at likes. Christopher rubio. In team for both is what I got on. Yahoo right three and a half. I heard might be spread against the patriots. Or there might be a hook here there say straight of three on those games. So we're starting off first game. I wanna say it's round. What what's your what NFC Los Angeles Rams at the New Orleans Saints. How do you see this game plan out? He taken straight up and would they cover the spread? I'm I'm mostly it's push. Because I'm I'm going to say I'm gonna go with the saints by three just because that's that's that's the hard bet. So to to actually have happened. So I'll go with that one. Yeah. I see I think the saints will start faster than they did last week. I don't think they're gonna be playing for behind. I think it's going to be more of the saints are going to be are going. You're the second half of game you go see the saints running the ball. You're going to see the Rams Chuck in the ball. But I mean, it's it's it's the championship games. Nothing would shock me. Oh, here's good question. Jeff I looked up before when's the last time of visiting team one either of the championship games. Visiting team. We know it happened to no five I'm pretty sure it happened before that because the giants did the same. Last time visiting team trying to think of it happened last year known on the AFC is asked year wasn't at the NFC. The didn't host eagles were the one seed remember they'd limped in with a 'cause they lost with the dogs. You're right. The dogs. It wasn't the giants. Was it? It was he's here. I'll I'll give you hint. Both the last time of isn't team won a conference championship game of the visiting won both both games and same year. And both teams scored twenty eight points a game. They won we had to tell me. I'm John that would be the ravens and the forty Niners in two thousand twelve puke. Yes. Fast ever since then it's been all home teams. Wow. That's interesting..

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