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Hello everyone. Welcome to monster movie. Fun time go. I'm your host precious d. and we are continuing yet again. Our october halloween season marathon. Today's movie is possessor from just last year. Two thousand twenty and to discuss it is my friend. Kayla mendez caleb salo. Hey what's going on. thanks for having me. Thanks for being here. You particularly wanted to discuss this movie. Yeah why was that. What drew you to it while i had seen. I guess it wasn't really a trailer but more of the movie poster for it last year. When he came out and was immediately drawn to it went and saw in theaters and just loved it. I mean i'm a big science fiction fan so pulled off some concepts that i really really enjoyed talking about the yellow poster with the melty face. Yeah i really liked it. I thought it was kinda cool. Okay it's directed by brandon kronenbourg and written by him. He is the son of What's his face kronenbourg. Yeah that guy. The hell's his name creepy pants. Yeah david david. Kronenbourg david cronenberg practical effect. God yes yes now. This is odd. I have a boxoffice of nine hundred one thousand and ninety three dollars. But i do not see a budget Yeah i couldn't. I'm gonna guess as not a high affect film and there's not huge stars in it so many guests that the budget was fairly low and that it probably made their money back. It was released at sundance. So that tells me it's kind of indie lower budget movie. yes stars. Andrea arise riseborough. Christopher abbott rows of sutherland tuppence. Middleton sean bean jennifer. jason. Leigh ken kane. Kane ito horn rattle. Bene- cage graham. And gabriel graham I wonder if they're related. That's the kid. Ira yes okay. And who's holly holly is the chick from the opening scene l. than they're probably not really the white kid and the the black lady probably not related but maybe yeah probably not so yes. Speaking in the opening scene so the premise is that she the are lead Tassio voss is an is an assassin who can put her brain into other people's brains but apparently they have to have an implant. I and i'll get into the logistics of that a minute and but she can use other people's bodies to commit her assassinations which can be handy because the other person may have already passed a background check and have access to the target that an assassin couldn't get and then she is supposed to make the puppet assassin kill themselves before she leaves the body and maybe she's done this in the past but every time in this movie she's supposed to do it. She fails yes. She has a a real hard time during and it leads to a lot of speculation on. Why is it her not being able to deal with the fact that she will die or she has to kill herself or is to host body becoming conscious in that moment and stopping itself from dying right. It's certainly interesting. That seems to be the case with the second guy. Yes but i was very annoyed so instead of killing the host she has the host commit suicide by cop right point points a gun at the police and makes them kill her. Now people first of all. If you're contemplating suicide call call. Somebody call the hotline right. But when you're making your plans that you're not gonna follow through on 'cause you're gonna call somebody. Part of that plan should not be making the cops. Do it for you. That is not okay. That is traumatizing to kill somebody. Even under the most justified of circumstances that leaves a permanent scar on other people. Don't do that to people. But then i really dark. Yeah but then. I immediately lost sympathy for the police. Because they shoot this woman up but she's not quite dead and she's laying there no longer a threat and one of the policemen comes up to her and finish their off. Yeah the head. That's not proper presenter. Exactly yeah that scene in particular Irked me especially on a second watch. I'm like oh that's not how that's supposed to go. You can't do that or not allow. it's not a video game. You're not allowed to just finish somebody off. Just because they were a threat a moment ago doesn't mean they're a threat at all times you get. You can't finish them off like that. You lost the law sympathy for those police. I don't want to break this whole thing down scene by scene but after she comes out she has to do this thing to make sure her identity is all in place because she spent a day or two in someone else's head and they go through this process of identifying objects of is the something of yours or not something of yours of. What is your memory attached to this right. And i bring this up because it comes back later. She one of the things is a butterfly that she killed in mounted as a child and she felt a lot of guilt about it right. Yeah and then That kind of is a symbol. I mean just everything else that she does in the movie oliver other actions on their crimson butterfly and her attraction to blood. Yeah oh yeah. She's so that's another thing she was supposed to just shoot this guy when she was assassinated and instead she gets a knife and just stabbed him over and over and over again yeah and then after. He's done bleeding out and everything kind of wipes up the blood with their hands. Yeah yields it real weird and then later she does a similar thing to somebody else just stabs him over and over again and then hit somebody with a blunt. Object over and over again right. I'm thinking that she is not actually very good. Her job her her. She's separated from her husband and her child and her ross girder played by jennifer jason. Leigh wants her to fully sever her ties with her family. 'cause that'll make her a better assassin. Yeah it's a it's holding her back yet but it seems to me that like i said she's not regular jobs that maybe you should just let her retire and spend some time with her family. I mean you know she gets the job done but when it comes to the end of the getting rid of the host. He has a very very hard time and she's also just making her job overly complicated with herve station. It's now i guess it's implied though that she was good her job. So this is a new problem. That is a rising otherwise girder. Wouldn't want to hold onto her so badly. Yeah exactly she starting to separate from her own humanity and just kinda delve into this psychotic state. There's some things that are kind of unexplained we don't know maybe this is a very specialized thing that only certain people can do. Maybe everybody is not properly equipped to be able to go through this process. Right as we're gonna everyone yeah We don't really have any answers about or or maybe she was just a traditional assassin that they've implemented this new technology with we. We don't really know it seems like this ought to be a very high paying job but the house. Our families.

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