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Be a good to an appointment so we got a pretty big space here. It's just me sitting here. And so we definitely wanna come back and we're going to keep it. We've debated do we keep the office that we get rid of it and you know we we kinda see the same point like we have stuff on the walls. We have Like almost a glass wall kinda like behind you we right on that and we brainstorm and we sit around the table and Dawson distractions in the office. That you know you have to kind of manage and in his commute of course Which could debate cost you time and but you just don't get the same type of a creative meetings and brainstorming that you would otherwise you you really dying and in the last year. We've been very fortunate it's been a very buoyant mocking Businesses have turned technology and those clients that we support say utilizations up. We're going to beat the numbers on last year for the as necessarily been fun doing it now because being repeated sooner said the i could do my job in london and i did do this job. Inland but it was hard because it really started like the kind of stock coaling but the real difference differentiate jerusalem Made again see them to ever go. Meet with the engineers after sharing a lacroix whatever's from the fridge in-depth. We we sit down. We need labor programs. We learn that technology in pick it up. Pick it apart. So it's a. It's a very hands on practice that we go and keeping those plans keeping engaged with us. We have relationships with has become very different in a in a in an order line world also a incredibly fortunate when i was of jd. Lawyer that i had a lot of senior people gave me a lot of time whether it was sitting alongside them. Drafting document explaining why. They're doing something whether they tell you to me at mentos. Some of them are still mental. Today i will say capital. Say saying okay..

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