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Jamie markedly David van Damme and Scott robin making sense of it all having some fun this is mark Lee van Damme and robin robin Shou budgetary Markley that's David van camp there Scott Robbins okay polling for impeachment well it's got to be way up right this is this is amazing to me so last week there are a couple of big name polls that showed impeachment wasn't going the way Democrats that helped Republicans and Democrats pretty much stayed where they were before this whole thing started but when it came to independence opposition to impeachment jumped by double digits but that was all either in the middle of the or just before the public hearings were over is so we're getting a look now at where the public is after a week of public hearings and there are a couple of new polls out that I mean if I'm if I'm Adam Schiff I am main lining Maalox today you don't know what to do the entire party honestly because my little stunt didn't work yeah but it was green lighted by Nancy right so there's a sea animal lard he's in trouble with this so so there's a CNN poll looking at opposition in support of impeachment it shows the exact same exact same results as they did in October about half say he should be impeached or removed from office about half say no but you really sound surprised.

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