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Satisfy everyone. Reynolds was the one who is most and various white up at a strange thing out there people bankruptcy socks and because there is no real world test of this immediately. What do you think is the biggest benefit to this or what you learn personally from going through this exercise like Something you tweeted about how you learned about sort of synthesizing different inputs in smart people who are telling you may be varying things which i guess something that a. Gm has to deal with all the time. So you've got to be gm of this exercise. So no upside but mostly downside. I found that part really interesting. Kevin i don't think the same way about baseball. It'd be really boring if we did because like that. That's not really how you add information and add value by just taking the same thing twice you get nothing and then you know. We reached out to a lot of writers than fan graph sui respect and a lot of people in the industry and i think the process of going through all that and trying to figure out. Oh this thinks jack flirty should be eighteen. getting should be forty. What's going on here. And we think he should be thirty. What do we do with that link. That can iterative process of a. We've revised the list. We've revised it again. Is this look better. This is of course still like it was really interesting and not selling the normally get in what's often a solitary job. Yeah and some of the more should accept also revolves around when when people see the player. Just up your talent his value on the baseball field as exactly the same yet. They would rank him incredibly different based on like what's left in terms of control. His contract looks like where it's it's no longer. It's not a the evaluation is agreed upon. It's the valuation where there's the big separation sometimes curious. If this exercise highlighted for either view on kevin obviously your perspective on this is gonna be a little bit different having recently been on the team side but were there any sort of shifts in what you thought teams would value relative to what you set out thinking that they were going to find important as you embarked on the exercise. Not really. I think maybe it was more of the again kind of the extremes like when bounce this off of a team that is cheap for better with a team that doesn't spend money team with a low payroll team. Have you wanna put it. How much money are really.

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