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Are gone with we've gotten confirmation from people inside and from politicians who have also been told that all the children are gone mostly to sponsors to family sponsors. And we're very happy about that. And we're also very concerned because we know that there are detention centers and other parts of the country public teachers in Los Angeles are planning to stage a city-wide strike today demanding better pay more funding for schools support staff smaller class sizes and a cap on the number of charter schools in the district. This strike initially planned. For last week was put on hold but the teacher's union United teachers, Los Angeles and district leaders failed to reach an agreement in their ongoing go she ations the union represents over thirty thousand members. This will be the first such strike in nearly thirty years on Friday. The New York Times reported intelligence agents began investigating Trump's two thousand seventeen firing a former FBI director James Comey because of concerns he made me working quote on behalf of Russia unquote against US interests. Investigators reportedly launched the investigation after Trump himself linked commies firing to the probe into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election on Saturday. The Washington Post reported Trump went to extrordinary lengths to keep details of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin hidden, including his July two thousand eight hundred eighteen meeting in Helsinki after which Trump reportedly took his own interpreters notes. House Judiciary committee chair Jerry Nadler has said he's looking into the reports while house foreign affairs committee chair Eliot angle said his panel will hold hearings on Trump's quote dark dealings with Putin. The Wall Street Journal's reporting the national Security Council asked the Pentagon about possible military options targeting a Ron last year. The request followed a September strike by Iranian forces in Baghdad which did not result in any damage or casualties. National security adviser John Bolton is known. I extremely hawkish foreign policy views nece openly called for regime change in Iran. Following the Pentagon's announcement of the start of US troop withdrawals from Syria last week, Trump ratcheted up threats to Turkey over the issue of Syrian Kurds. Trump said in a tweet Sunday the US would quote devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds on Saturday. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said he believed Turkey and the US could work together towards a good outcome days after Turkish president Richard Baird. One blasted national security adviser John Bolton for saying Turkey should protect Syrian Kurdish fighters a condition for US troop withdrawal from Syria. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday Israeli forces had attacked Iranian weapons warehouses in Syria secretary state, Mike Pompeo met with crown prince Mohammad bin Salman in Riyadh today. The Trump administration's continued to defend the Saudi regime over the killing of Washington. Host columnists Jamaica Showkey who has killed more than one hundred days ago and October the Saudi consulate an Istanbul Turkey by Saudi agents in November Pompeo told the Senate that despite CIA findings to the contrary there's no direct evidence linking the crown prince with the murder, however, senators unanimously passed a resolution last month condemning Hamad bin Salman for quiz show. She's murder. A Saudi teen who fled. Her abusive family has been granted asylum in Canada last week eighteen year old for half. Muhammad Okinawan flew to Thailand where she was first threatened with deportation. But was eventually able to meet with you and representatives about her case her story went viral as she live tweeted her ordeal, including barricading herself into her Tai hotel room to avoid being put on a plane back to her family. However reportedly had to quit Twitter on Friday after receiving death threats. She arrived in Toronto on Saturday. Greeted by Canada's foreign minister in Gaza, Palestinians, attended the funeral Saturday of a forty four year old Palestinian woman killed by his rarely fire Friday during weekly protests near the separation barrier with Israel, another twenty five Palestinians were injured, according to Gaza health officials Israeli forces have killed at least two hundred twenty Palestinian since. Protests under the banner of the great March. Marcher return started in March of last year in more news from the occupied. Territories. A UN official has said around twenty seven thousand Palestinians in the West Bank are no longer receiving any World Food Programme assistance since the start of the year due to funding cuts and other hundred sixty five thousand in both Gaza and the West Bank are receiving reduced number of food assistance from the UN run program. The cuts are due to a drop in donations in recent years, most notably from the United States in France. Tens of thousands of yellow vests. Protesters took to the streets over the weekend for the ninth straight week..

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