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Good morning, I'm Stephanie gaines Bryant, the top local stories were following this hour. Two men are dead after separate shootings in D.C. this weekend. The first shooting happened Saturday afternoon, inside a home in the area of 13th and Congress streets, southeast. D.C. police say 18 year old Lonzo Malcolm was killed. Another man was hospitalized and is expected to survive. The other shooting happened Sunday morning on T street northwest, near the Howard theater. D.C. police say they found 50 year old Stephan Jenkins with gunshot wounds. He died at the scene, anyone with information about either shooting is asked to contact Metropolitan Police. A prince George's county councilman is sharing his ideas on what else is needed to reduce crime in the county, as a curfew continues for teens this week. Whatever is happening isn't working. Prince George is county councilman Mel Franklin wants to see more steps taken in the county to reduce crime, especially among young people, even with a new curfew rule for teen 16 and under in the county. I'd really like to see us look at, what are we doing in terms of prosecution and rehabilitation? He's also concerned about the size of the county's police department. We've lost so many officers. And if we need to propose some legislation to the General Assembly to create more accountability here in the county, we should do that. Anneliese Gayle, WTO news. Virginia state police are investigating a deadly crash

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