Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, FBI discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher


Democrats forty-seven Fifty Nationally. He beats him in Pennsylvania by four. Look all these pundits so I hear say things like well. Bernie will lose forty-five states shut up. I don't know what the fuck talking about. Have you never know? We never know the same people who said trump wouldn't even met. You don't know what we don't know is Bernie needs a revolution Shaw. He needs people who've never voted before. Now they're not showing up in those numbers in the primary but we don't know but now since trump I think is not going to leave anyway whereas well run Bernie not. He's not and by the way when the virus get mad. He's going to declare martial law. What's God that could happen? Would Act totally. Have your point about people being dismissive about Bernie? I even tell people on on my side on the right this do we forget two thousand sixteen. You had this fractured establishment field on the right in Marco. Rubio Ted Cruz. Amer kept saying can't be Donald Trump can't donald trump and then all of a sudden it was donald trump the establishment by the way did kind of reject him for a long time up to the convention and now obviously we went from there. There are parallels with Bernie Sanders rise now and Donald Trump's rise reminds you that Republicans are saying Oh we really want to defend Bernie Sanders against this democratic establishment. And the day. After he's nominated. He is a horrible socialist who will endanger the country. They either believe one thing or the other. But I don't know if you're trying to progress. Why don't you vote for this? Something called the Damn I lost it now. the duty to report act. This is Require candidates for federal office and their campaigns to report any context with foreign governments to the FBI seems simple enough even seventy five percent of Republicans are for it Mitch. Mcconnell won't let it come to the floor why not duty to report ex campaign. Campaigns have contact with foreign governments. I mean Ford officials all the time that conversations that constantly well first of all join just says were you got to report it to the FBI. Why fight that will again. It's because there's all these contacts and we'll be a discussion about whether or not. It's an various. Campaigns talked to foreigners or the fact that trump still doesn't really admit that Russia has medaled in our elections and that they're still meddling in Russian collusion to just clarify one. First of all yes talk. Born many of what's wrong with saying they should were point that I don't see what that doesn't answer the problem. Well that doesn't talk to foreign sure but tell the FBI especially if that foreigners offering you help in your electric will mean Mitch. Mcconnell would also say that just passing this it's all meant to be from Democrat to slap in the face of trump. It's ridiculous of course anybody who is a Patriot would say hold on a second. If you're trying to get me to do something illegal election and you're a foreigner we will not do so why didn't trump or poured it never muller for. Never Mother report did happen but he shit the bed muller did a horrible job someday liberals will understand that he did a horrible.

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