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The first time both places check that out coming real soon. July twenty ninth. Get tickets for the philly. All star comedy show happening at lincoln financial field tickets on sale. Now all big j dot com or check out the bonfire monday through friday by the seven. Pm eastern on faction talk sirius. Xm one zero three and sdr show right here on the part of the problem. Right here on the network. i'm hosting freedom fest and there are still some tickets available for that in south dakota coming up this month in july come. Check that out. And i'll be in a rochester. Got some gigs there in august. So all that stuff you could elect south dakota do. I hope i've never been. I'm excited to go Got a lot of them coming up. Obviously scam fess out november fifty seven tickets on sale monday july twelfth eight. Am grab your tickets. Nice and early. Eight am eastern gang fest dot net. Grab those tickets personally. Got a lot of stuff coming up. i'm going to be july sixteenth and seventeenth. I'm headlining The stress factory in bridgeport connecticut on the early shows. Apm early shows headlining those and then the ten o'clock shows i'm doing the depraved. Some bringing a bunch of comics. Out including ehrenberg jessica cursing contro zaka meco. So the late shows via stick around is the dirtiest comedy show in the world and some of the best comics from new york city are going to be on that show as well so sick around for both shows if you can and then also i will be july twenty second and twenty third at the american comedy company in san diego. California Twenty six hundred million comedy company san diego california twenty two. The thirty first uncle vinnie's comedy club in point pleasant new jersey august. Fourth were backed with the depraved again at stress factory in new brunswick in new jersey. Grab tickets for that. That lineup is crazy. joe lists Paul virzy voss. I mean the fuck lineup is bonkers you. The full lineup will be at very very soon and august fifth. Bg ryan's nor connecticut. Lots of other stuff coming up..

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