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A left lane road traffic and transit on the twos coming up in just a few minutes the museum of american revolution city is celebrating and open its doors one year ago today marked the anniversary theories free admission between three and eight pm with more police john mcdevitt he calls it a remarkable year i'm so proud of everyone on the staff three hundred and fifty thousand visitors if you can believe that that's general john jumper the board chair of the museum well going forward we got a big year ahead of us we're going to open this place on the lower level call revolution place and this is going to be sort of a setting that is in philadelphia it a tavern it's a church it's the way things were we transitioned from that in october we open a hamilton experienced which is going to expose people again to hamilton and a completely different way there'd be a birthday card for museum guests to sign and other special things plant into the weekend there's free cake oh yeah you got free k kyw newsradio amid the uproar over the arrests of two black men into rittenhouse starbucks local clergy and community leaders are speaking out kyw's kimberly adams reports from a rally and march in center city the marchers power interfaith coalition thursday night what from police headquarters mark kelly tyler when a step further calling for the beefing up of the police advisory commission which has been looking into incidents like that so they need to have real investigative powers in real teeth not just windowdressing like they are right now kimberly adams kyw newsradio in your community and across the delaware valley there's plenty to see and.

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