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Four members. So david jimmy francis and jack twenty bucks. Oh man there right now as we speak. Do that's incredible now. We got box that in two weeks. Yeah oh yeah absolutely. Hey patriot dot com slash double drop kick. Thank you for listening. And we're gonna see we're recording today. We're going to watch a w revolution sunday night back over here tomorrow and we'll get together in a couple of weeks then we're going to get vaccinated. Then who knows where the world to take. And once i get back. I'm trying to talk you into going to the comecon with me. Yeah there's nothing happening that weekend. That's my birthday. They do some special sale. You you tell me meeting darby allin jake. The snake kane on your birthday is not special. higher meant jake's mccain if you met darby able we got some corny stuff as a comic book show was one of the biggest comic book shows state. Can we go on sunday. What are they going to be there on sunday. I'm going also. Here's thing i'm going. I hope you'll go with. I hope i'll go with you next time. Don't tell me you don't remember. Go make the plane. I you tell me. You don't remember us having a conversation. I know we talked about it. But i don't know that i didn't know that we may definite plans promised because i because for the last couple of weeks i've been like what am i doing birthday weekend. I promise this arlo jaksa face. I know what you're talking about. Dhamma will well anyway. No i think you're right. I don't know that we actually one hundred percent said we're going but i think it was implied that i was off in that we were going to go but it's okay. I'm not mad at you. i'm still going right. They'll be able to see on and stuff. They'll be able to see ads. Maybe me and mrs whitman going to comecon. So that's gonna be awesome. It could be you and me on an stuff. Yeah going walking around at hunt and stuff and yeah but you know i get it you know. Yeah we'll see.

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