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Have a point of order. Point four point of order. I received an email and I and I, it's not something I had noticed. It is something that I actually have taken note of myself. It's never bothered me but I think we need to watch it and I'd like and we appreciate this kind of feedback saying words too much repeating ourselves The latest one I'm working with now. Oh, brother on the list brother I'll tell you I'll tell you, I hate talion tell you. I got to tell you. I've changed that to listen to this. Listen. Hi Adam, I asked the following simplified on twitter but I thought I'd ask you here good because I didn't see it. Do you or John have a clicky pen don't do it John. These. Past five to ten episodes right now when this was written up to twelve eighty five have rant. This have random cliques that are pen clicking. It's happening a lot and it's really noticeable. This is so stressful for me listening with S Burgers. Jeez don't laugh at the at the at the disabled. This is so stressful for me listening with ASP Burgers, I. Have Sensitivity to certain towns and clicking from. Penns, is one of my sensitivities it really makes me feel stress and uncomfortable please would you and Giancarlo refrain from clicking your pens or maybe don't even use any clicky pens so there's no risk of clicking I believe this would help your other listeners who may have autism or Miss Sophea. MISSILE MISSA phony. Ah, I'm sorry. Miss Funding. So you so you're going to go from the cliquey pen to the recorder. This instead of the Cliquey I got this note I didn't know he was I. don't I got to know for somebody. I didn't remember I heard the clinically button. Down Care needs to bitch and Moan a lot about it. Oh, you or your nails again, which is pretty gross and I have a clicky pan and I have clicked it and but today I'm using a an automatic pencil whatever call. Hansel is get the lead in it. You know the. Pencil Mechanical Pencil it's in a tube amusing mechanical pencil which has no clicking. Okay. And I will re by. How about this sound. Oh. No, no, no no no. No. That's the sound of a don't care. For that, banging against my my arm breast. That can happen by accident. Our I to I I will not I will. I will make a point of never clicking a pen. And we'll strive we're going to try I will try never to click a Pentagon. Knowing I don't think you should do it click it too many times apparently ash explodes and takes a whole laboratory with. Somewhere in Russia no-one. no-one we'll get that debt reference, but I did. Okay. You WanNa, Talk Hundred Biden. Just. So we can I. Free Tube unless let's get to. Let's get to the Tiller. WE'RE GONNA go from one jerk off to the neck. Air Lays took a while, but we found it. I gotta get the have the actual. Video video of this is what we we WANNA see. Video. We have no video. We have a lot of interesting comedy. Oh, well we got. Everybody know what's happening this people in other countries who? I have a complete record making listen to this. You are the best. This is the Tube and districts reported I. I had to go find somebody who had A. Clip and then I found Hannity because Hannity's a good Catholic boy and he's not GonNa to me. He's going to be upset about this and he so he he introduces on we get the story introduced on Hannity and Hannity throws it to one of the Fox reporters who does a pretty decent job I think this complete as we're GONNA get. This is the tube and story on Hannity disturbing story tonight surrounding fake news CNN. Disturbing story disturbances the best part lease. TMZ. Hannity disturbing story tonight surrounding fake news CNN's Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended from the New Yorker. Okay pretty bizarre after reportedly exposing himself and more on a zoom call here with the latest Rick Leventhal. Rick. John an unsettling incident involving CNN's chief legal analyst. Now off the air for allegedly pledging himself on a zoom video call, Jeffrey? Toobin. Who's also a staff writer for the New Yorker was suspended by the magazine for masturbating during the call last week with other New Yorker employees and WNYC radio staff watching according to Vice News which report the incident came during a drill election coverage vice says when the group returned from their breakout rooms been lowered the camera, the people on the call. So they could see toobin touching himself to, but then left the call moments. Later he called back in seemingly unaware of what his colleagues had been able to see was y'all flushed. New Yorker magazine told Fox News Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended while we investigate the matter. Board Tuban said quote I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake believing I was off camera I apologize to my wife family friends and coworkers I believe I. was not visible on Zoom. I thought no one on the zoom call could see me I, thought I had muted though zoom video. It's unclear if or when toobin will appear on again, the network says it granted tube and some time off in his requests while he. Deals with a personal issue. Okay Rick Thank you heard. This could not have happened to a nicer guy. This guys a Dick. This is like this kids. This is Karma. Now He apparently thought that when you hit the mute button, get your camera mutes. Whoever heard of? It well, on Zoom you can meet your camera. I mean it's not called Mute but you turn it off and it's right next to the meet your audio button. What a bonehead with just add to. kind of add to this I do have a very short clip this is to been. And this is Oj. Jeffrey toobin. At least pee wee Herman was in X. rated movie theater. Tell me your end of show I so. I didn't. I failed to ice but that is good. Say. So it just damn just Diane. Different to nothing what it'd be damned Jeffrey Toobin Dam dam. Okay that's degree. Damn. That's a great damn. So. So the number of aspects of this story to visit it kind of a sex douchebag anyway. Oh I didn't know this. Yeah. There's some stories about him. He uses that that trick that a friend of mine told me about flesh because he was entire sex seminar up chicks Tuban. Yeah who've goes in says, Hey, baby in whispers in her ear some some lewd..

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