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Averaging just over one goal per game. Air Force scored eight goals in the last three games. That's a good thing on this road trip, Air Force scored 11 goals. Six of them came from freshman. Three of them came from sophomores. The only goals that were scored that did not come from a freshman or sophomore, were scored by Sean Nolan tonight. So it's all the young guys that air scoring those goals that's certainly good for the future of air force and scoring goals and getting more scoring production. These last couple of games is definitely going to help. Early on. It was tough to get a goal. But the last three games Air Force has found the back of the net. It'll be fun. That's this coming weekend, Cadet I Serena. No fans allowed still. But Air Force and army Friday 705 Saturday 505 both games both nights, 30 minutes Prior to that, we're on the air with the U. S a pre game show and all you got to do in any sport is mentioned Air Force and army and you get folks attention. It's been such a great rivalry. Jane. You know the games. They're always fast. They're always physical. They're intense. This air Force team. They need to get back and get off their feet. And you know Joe Doyle brought up today in the meeting. Hey, When we get back, we're gonna talk to the team and the captain's. Maybe we do take a couple of days off this week. They always take one day off. Well, Two Sundays a day off. They always take Tuesdays off. They'll probably go light this week is they need their legs, their shoulders. They're going to need everything on Friday and Saturday night against Army and last season, we went out to West Point. Those games ended in a in an air force. Loss and then a tie that one shootout went nine rounds up at Army. There's been some great games between these two and they'll be back out of the kid and I Serena relaxed dining rules back in Colorado and because of that, on Tuesday night We're moving the air Force hockey coaches show at least last I heard things could always change but to the Colorado ribbon, Chapas, So if you get a chance to check it out, come on out Tuesday night. We're live there with Air Force head coach Frank Sarah Torrey from 6 to 7 P.m. and also on the radio. On our flagship station in the Pikes Peak region. That's extra sports 1300. That's the story from Erie, Pennsylvania..

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