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The cbs broadcast center in spring garden scattered clouds going to 73 overnight princeton university is closely monitoring developments in iran involving a graduate student who was sentenced to ten years in prison after he was accused of spying as kyw steve tower reports the students advisor professors stephen kotkin is calling on lawmakers public to set him free we understand that traveling to lift region in general uh his complicated princeton says thirty seven year old eu wong was arrested last summer while doing research in connection with his phd dissertation university says it it's distrust by the charges brought against him in connection with a scholarly activities and his subsequent conviction and said its princeton says it's working with wong's family us government private council and others to facilitate his release wong as an american citizen who was born in china the grad student is a fourth doctoral candidate in the department of history princeton a spokesman for the university says his family and princeton are distrust that is contended imprisonment but they are hopeful that he will be released after his case is heard by the appellate authorities in tehran steve tower kyw newsradio investigators in minnesota are looking for answers after police officers responding to a nine one one call shot and killed a yoga teacher saturday night the officers were equipped with body cameras but they were not on cbs news correspondent kenneth craig has more if you're gonna change in the least systems it's the 40yearold australian native was a yoga teacher life co she was a teacher in so many living a life who openness love and kindness a lawyer for police officer mohammad more confirmed he was the officer who opened fire in a facebook post from 2016 minneapolis mayor betsy hodges welcomed the somali officer to the force now she's joining the cries for answers i i share the same questions other people have about why we don't have bodycam footage of it and with very little information note about the shooting death relatives and neighbors of the australian woman fatally shot by police are demanding answers from authorities at the cbs broadcast center in spring garden scattered clouds going to 73 overnight is your i think a big part of reporters rubbish.

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