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Show the way that you do it with elevation and a dark youtube channel. Make sure to put it on there with his actual legitimate stories. Which i'm sure you put how you make different. Hell man. maybe that's what you put on You know for rampage. Focus on the women. You have a big rosser. You're not using a lot of people complain about you. Aid cody follow on twitter. Because my plug out. Charleston's roomed every hole as wars using francis. Goes back now. I did it for you. Charles identity about the band doing anything for the team. But i always arch twitter handle and even our good buddy dougie. Souls says it's doug solar but iago watches f. one stuff and all other chump downs out there but using dynamite as this vessel to have all this outside talent in for impact new japan and everything like that use rampage really honing on your own guys your own characters every day. I'm not some actions. Today is the bag with abbas emphasize that let people wanna watch your show. And if you're already debuting talent because you have a whole bunch of them utilize page crossover into dynamite. I'm sure you have a plan. But i have not been a big fan soul. Forbidden doors open since they want right. Because what was my thank. You not gonna tell us should be raw. Please so critiques. Chris their other stuff critiques and criticisms impact as we talk about impacting. Really number one contender going on for kidding omega for the impact title gods take off. I don't think it does any credibility or cloud have your main championship in the arts or somebody else. I know you. Elevate joshua alexander. I like to drive the walking. What message cool. Russell's moniker nickname. Would you gentlemen agree. I've engaged brilliant. So i know you want to have him raise the exhibitions championship. I guess what let's just frigging raise give talent takes kennedy advocates the or vacates the exhibition tile to it. That way w like. I like how you you talked about the walking weapon. The mech warrior ad came up. And it's the statement is your on weapon of war while you know. Sometimes it's kismet kits And so give me a kiss. We're going to talk about a new japan. Because i guess ambassador now from a boy shingo takagi. Alco on was coated. It's over japan. It's kind of bad. Code is still code approved. Get better they have hiroshi tallahassee gonna be challenging lance archer who is in aws. Or who's the i w less champion. The whole forbidden door thing comes in and can get kind of confusing but if anything kind of get new japan on the grand stage americanized could work. I'm interested in seeing happened. There hiroshi has not held that title archer Needs if because he obviously can't get anything out of aws Title whether tnt championship or the aid of title but new japan. 'cause lock your you have new japan strong which is the american state side yet. Build some contenders in there right. We know we're gonna do evil and shingo. Let's see what comes out of it but not a whole i- critiques criticism just yet. You have resurgence coming onto jay wipers. Eight finley does what. He's doing over an impact on top of things. Very interested in seeing with the end results would be because after evil. We're gonna put next in line for shingo maybe a get. The king openness were to have a stable faction of dangerous strikers. Or you know suzuki gun. Power that novelists they on on very interested. Aren't you but critiques. And criticisms get healthy get going there be There were releases again. A lot of exte- biggest names being bronson read on. Bobby fish mercedes martinez jake atlas for mercedes martinez recovering crummy concussion. Now she's there. I think she'll be fine. Hopefully getting signed by eight w bryan..

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