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Watch him during the transition uh both the the clarity of this is where i quoted you about cultural civil war were it uh the clarity of his uh for his inaugural which alan guelleh's oh the civil war historian a get it sorted college has written uh was remarkably like lincoln first inaugural and the reception to it and left wing media was very much like the uh south carolina proslavery newspapers reaction delay well dozens of very interesting parallels about the issue guys so i think it was the process of watching how he filled out his cabinet uh watching uh the way he begins administration kony has a lot to learn i mean i think he he is smart and i think he will learn but i think that there are parts of the system that art obvious and that it takes a while to figure out how they work so let me ask you this i am this is one of these questions i have no idea how you'll answer let us say tomorrow he said i am no longer tweeting without be a net gain or loss for him oh i think i'd be a net loss i think he is invented a medium of communication which does for him but the fair sidetracked did for fdr he catch the tone he dominant the media he communicates directly with his base uh now i buy five told have directly i think ten percent less trump would be a 100 percent more effective so if you would ask weight do i think maybe they could edit occasionally i think that would be good right and i do think some of them are all case so that leads to the obvious next question and that is is there any party he would listen to well there might be i don't i i think he brought in general kelly because in fact he does will send to general kelly and i think kelly is holding enough guy and he's a serious and have a guy fourstar general combat experience lost his son in afghanistan i mean i think the trumps respect for kelley elite him to listen to kelley differently then he would almost anybody else.

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