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That's one of 5 EA games on this list for the month, which is pretty good for any publisher. That I am flabbergasted about. Yes, so dead space is number two, Matt and NFL 23 number three, FIFA number four, I think yes, Need for Speed unbounded 16 and then number 20, NHL 23. What's this mean? What does it mean? This is not like the when the game first launched. This isn't pretty good. But like, what does it mean though? What it means is that January was a down month. It was a pretty weak blunt overall. We'll take it. We will take it absolutely. Speaking of that, fire women engaged did pretty well. This is physical only for fire blowing gauge. It's number 5 on the list behind FIFA and Madden. But again, that's only its physical number. Physical sales usually within Nintendo, the split is 50 50, sometimes it's a little bit more on the physical than a lot of other things. A lot of other companies will be 70 30 with 70 being digital and 30 being physical Nintendo, it's usually 50 50. Then you have elder ring at number 6 then for spoken, this does include its digital and its steam numbers at number 7. That seems a little bit weak for that game. Especially when you compare it to fire emblem and gauge, which did have a few more days on the market, but still I think for spoken had like 5 full days of sales or four and a half days of sales. That's not great for for spoken, I don't think. I was going to say a charted. So that's cool. Yes. Yes, it did chart. I was chatting with an old CNET friend the other day, and he was like, he goes, all too. Did you play for a spoken? I said, yeah, I didn't really like it. He goes, it is absolute trash. It deserves a zero. I can not believe playing this game feels like eating dirt. You're afraid of Mitch hedberg's rules. And I just kept being like, yeah, okay, you're just being fair. You're just not being unreasonable. Anyway, sorry. No, it's okay, yeah. That's real good stuff. For spoken, we were kind of won't know until it's second month of sales. If it stays in the top ten or even at the top 15 for its second month, that'll be pretty good. If it has a precipitous drop off, then we'll see. God of War ragnarok is number 8 and then one piece Odyssey, one of the other new games was number 9. That's pretty good for an anime game, I think, right? Oh, yeah, for one piece. That's surprising. Cool. I thought so. Rachel, yesterday on game mornings, brought up an interesting thing. I saw zero things about this game coming out, like no marketing at all. So for it to even get into the top ten, I think that just speaks to the power of anime. Shouts out to the one piece freaks out there. Yep, got an anime. One piece of side and that's pushing it to number 9. The rest of the chart is mostly familiar faces, Pokémon, scarlet violet, less of us part one, lesson was part one did jump. Of course. I think it was like number. It was in the 30s or the 40s before. It chopped up to 11. So that's pretty good for that game and pretty good because of the show. I didn't start playing last of us part two again, and then I was just like, oh, I just feel sad all over again. Why am I doing this to myself? I'm like, I've never really, really played those games, and I'm like, maybe I should just watch the show instead. That seems like a better way of doing it. All right. That does it for the NPD results, but we do have some news out of Europe with their similar report. PS5 availability leads to a surge in sales across Europe, but let's start here with the games game sales were down a pretty significant 19.1% in January in Europe. Again, that's likely due to the lack of an arceus like game. Perennial favorites like FIFA, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption two and Call of Duty, all grew year over year in January, and they were like at the top of the charts. New games though couldn't offset what we lost from arceus. There was dead space at number 6. For spoken at number 11 and then the physical only a fire will engage at number 12. So again, that's like right there. They're probably like, for spoken in total, it's probably doing just the physical numbers of a fire emblem engage. And so like if you track that worldwide, fire bomb three houses did like 3 million in its first year. So it's like for spoken on track to do like 1.5 million. Is that enough? I don't know, it seemed like a big budget game just based on it getting multiple massive delays. You think they're putting all that extra money in it. They expected to do pretty well. But when it comes to the PS5, it's definitely obviously hitting its stride and you can tell because it sells tripled year over year in January. Yes, it was up 202% across all of Europe. That's just massive. And it was the number one bestselling console, the switch was right behind it. It dropped 11%. Xbox Series X and S down 32%. So again, it's that demand or is that supply? It's hard to say. But right now it is now the PlayStation 5 is just like surging and availability. Sales are searching or surging right alongside it. Yeah, that mean like last of us is deaf. I mean, maybe this is an account. This doesn't account for the console selling impact of the TV show, right? It would be a little bit a little did you talk about the last of us on HBO? Yeah. It should a little bit. The show started in January. This would be some of that. I know two people who have bought PS5s because of that show. On top of that, I think it's also Hogwarts legacy is pushing a bunch of systems because I have acquaintances that are kind of unplugged to the greater video game world and only really like Harry Potter and then we're like, I'm just gonna go to PS5, just play this one game, so the power of the PS5, I guess. Yep, it's yeah, again, it's crushing right now. And if Xbox was gonna get any of that momentum, it needed some games, some big exclusives and it just hasn't had that in more than a year. All right, speaking of Microsoft, they confirm basically what we already knew. Fewer people buy a game if it's available in game pass. It seems pretty obvious, but people are making a pretty big deal out of this because the CMA shared a note from Microsoft's documents as part of its potential acquisition of Activision. The note basically says, Microsoft also submitted that its internal analysis shows a redacted percent, so some number percent decline in base game sales, 12 months following their addition on game pass. Now, people are reading this as new information because in 2018, about a month after the release of Forza horizon four, Phil Spencer said, and this is in 2018 that when we put a game like farts or horizon four in there, it sells more because people see a bunch of people playing it and they go out and buy

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